Sunday, February 20, 2011

Z is for Zootrophy

Zootrophy is the feeding or tending to animals...unless you're a redneck, then it means the stuffed and mounted head of some exotic animal on your wall.

I spend a lot of time as the personal wait staff of She Devil who can't seem to adapt to a normal food and water dish like other cats.  This is her version of "straight up".

She prefers to either drink out of her special glass, a blue cup with Tweety Bird on it, but I forgot to bring that one.  She has settled for a normal one like we use, but begrudgingly.

She wanted an over-sized martini glass for Happy Hour out in the Coping Cabana, but I was worried about what the neighbors might say.  She'll have to wait until she's home to use her special Happy Hour glass in the privacy of her own deck.

Yes, she eats from a regular plate and at the table with the rest of us.  It's just our abnormal cozy little family dining together at the table.  Her manners are quite nice though, as you can see she does not have her elbows on the table.

I also liked the word Zambra - a spanish dance.  I've inserted a You Tube video of a dancing dog - she's not actually doing the zambra (I don't think ... how the heck would I know?) but it's pretty fun.

Then there is Zanyism - which just means buffonery.  Now, even though the alphabet series has ended (thank G-d!), it is in no means the end of the zanyism.

Long Live the Zany Queen!

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