Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can you see me NOW?

My Man, Left Brain
Left Brain is active in a sister-city project through World Services that brings college age students from Russia to work in La Crosse, Wisconsin for the summer.  He traveled to Dubna in late December to do the interviews, but one last minute opportunity arose and it was decided to use Skype for the interview.

Our internet connection at the RV park in Florida is iffy and we weren't confident this would work.  So, we both sat at the table and played dueling laptops for a test run.

Too close together...the microphones were echoing off each other sounding a bit like the theme from 'Deliverance'.  I was then sent to the Coping Cabana to receive his call there.  I’d often feared it would come to this ...communicating through electronic devices while within each others sight.

So, I packed up my trusty laptop and out the door I went.  I checked in on She Devil before setting up.  Yup, there she is...rolling in the dirt underneath the trailer.  She enjoys laying in the dust and weeds, watching people go by. It gives trailer trash a whole new meaning.

the scene of the crime
She looked content, so I situated myself in the Cabana and awaited his Skype call.  It was a hot and sticky day and I was glad for the breeze in the cabana since I hate wearing bras.  Well, ladies (and I suppose some of you guys) don't you?
The call went through and I could see him, but he said he was not able to see my face. He then explained the webcam is the little gizmo on the top of the screen.  Oh I'm going to feel paranoid, like I'm being watched all the time.

"You need to adjust it upwards" he said, "all I can see are your boobs."

I’m looking at his image and thinking, all I see is a boob too. Now, in hindsight I know I should have just done as he said, but I was taken with the humor of it decided to REALLY give him something to look at.  

So I raised my shirt up and flashed him on the computer.

Now, this was all done quickly and probably would have gone unnoticed.  If I weren’t laughing so hard.  But that’s apparently what drew the attention of the couple walking past our trailer.  

When they turned to wave, the man was struck dumb.  His wife shot me a dirty look and yanked him forward.  He was still smiling and waving to me as he was dragged away.

I sure hope this doesn't cause a second ambulance call to the park.

Long Live the Queen of the Boobs

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  1. Good Lord woman! I'm still giggling here about your boob shot!! I hope that man's enjoyment lasts him for a while because we both know that he's in for the cold treatment from the little woman. But I have to say, I love your little cabana.

    I once bought a beautiful pair of sleeves from Fredericks of Hollywood. Really, it was a pair of long sleeves with a strip across the back and a tiny speck of material in the front covering only the absolutely necessary. I couldn't wear it out in public, but my hubby just loved it!!! Thank goodness we didn't have anything like Skype back then!!!!! You are such a brave soul!

    If you like autobiographies, you might like Carol Burnett's "One Day At A Time." (I think that's the name. It's been a while since I read it.)

    You have a magnificent day now. Hugs, Edna B.