Monday, February 28, 2011

Playing cribbage with the cat

Okay, we’re getting a bit bored with our limited lifestyle down here.  We’ve figured out each other too well and agreed to let She Devil into our cribbage game just to spice things up.

She’s a pretty fast learner, but I’m really sick of holding the cards for her and hearing her whine about the “I don’t have any thumbs” thing and how my services are mandated under DAMN CAT (Disabled Abilities Must Not Cause Any Trouble).

At least when we play Scrabble she can maneuver the tiles easier with her paws and teeth.  But I hate the words she comes up with.  They all sound like hairballs, but when I check them against the official Scrabble dictionary…there they are.  It’s not that I’m a sore loser, but let’s just say we don’t play a lot of Scrabble together any more.

Her math is actually better than mine and she makes her decisions much quicker than Left Brain who has to analyze everything.  I just keep the cards I think are the prettiest and brightest and count as a ten so it’s easier to count.  He assures me that’s hurting my game and he’s probably right as his score is much higher than mine.

She’s pretty good at the game considering its new for her but she’s such a bad loser.  When she’s had enough she’ll excuse herself to use the Litter Castle and the stench would drive any one out of there.  I’d like to kick her out of the competition, but Left Brain enjoys playing someone that can actually provide a challenge, so I guess she’s in.

Long Live Queen of the Pegs


  1. Hairballs and Queen of Hearts. Cribbage and Litter Castle. Let the games begin. Could use cat's thumbless clawed paws to chase Cooper's Hawk away from our feeder. carry on. lois

  2. She Devil looks ferocious! I would be too if I were about to get skunked. Funny stuff!

  3. I woke up the other morning to find my cat, Gwennie, sitting on the floor with a deck of cards and a cribbage board. I am not sure exactly how that came to be, but I had to grab a picture because it was so funny. Today I decided to search for images of other cats "playing" cribbage and I came across these pictures of She Devil (Is that her real name?). Love the pictures! She looks like a sweet kitty. --Anne