Friday, February 18, 2011

X is for X-tra added features to the blog

What!  Did you think you were going to get some X-rated photos or something?  Oh, you sick people!  Well, this is the best I could do for you.  I found it on She Devil's laptop when she was in that Big Cat Chat room with Schneider.  Thank goodness she never got a chance to send it or there's no telling what kind of perverted cat may have replied.

This blogging stuff has been X-citing and a learning adventure, that's for sure.  Yesterday I figured out how to add a You Tube video and now I've added music. 

There is an MP3 player at the bottom of all the postings that you can turn on to enjoy some music while you read of the torrid misadventures of my life.  I have it set to the Blues right now, but I'm hoping each person can set it to their favorite genre on their computer.  Please....let me know if this was successful for you as I have no other way of knowing. 

The Neocounter was a bit of a disappointment as it's only tracking from February 16th, so I need all of you fans from exotic places to keep checking in to add your national flag to the blog.  I'm amazed when I see places like Kuwait, Singapore, the Netherlands and the like.  How on earth are you finding this?  No, really...I want to know!

Also added is a comment box below each blog that you can mark as funny or interesting or whatever the categories are - I've forgotten already.  This is for those who don't have the energy to leave an entire comment.  

I've moved the total page views to the top to show total page views for all time, which amazes me considering I only started to do this on January 1, 2011.

So, that's about it for the X files today.

Long Live the Queen  XOXOXO


  1. I tried out the MP3 player at the bottom and even though it says Top Blues Hits, there's quite an assortment including "Oye Como Va" and "Do You Think I'm Sexy".
    I also found a snippet of "Brandy(You're a fine girl) by Looking Glass, but the name was changed to Baxter. I think Schneider might have added that after seeing her "layout" on your X post.

  2. Don't you get access to Google Analytics with Blogspot?


  3. Hi, I tried the music player, but it only plays small clips and then goes on to the next clip. Maybe I'm not doing it right?

    As you said, blogging is a fun experience. I started having my blog printed in hard cover book form so that my chillin will always have it when I'm long gone. Actually, the books are interesting to read and look back on how things were and my progress with my scrap designing and photography.

    You have a real knack for it. Your stories are so fun and interesting to read. What will you do when you post the "Z"? How is the weather holding out for you? We have either snow or rain coming the beginning of the week. Ugh!!

    I have to get back to work now. You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Hello Queen and Left Brain! Thank you for adding an easy comment box for those of us with low-tech abilities. I almost peed my pants back on the litter box story and I could picture Glass Girl doing the same!! That bladder control is waning already at 39! We'll try to Skype with you this weekend with the lovely Wampler ladies who are staying at the Rossing Ramada tonight.

    Much love,
    da Rossings and extended Wampler family