Monday, February 7, 2011

L is for Left Brain Speaks Out

Left Brain here.

Well!  Now that it's quiet and I can hear myself think, let me tell you how things in the KINGdom really are.

It’s time to set the record straight. The Queen is NOT ahead in Cribbage. In fact, she is well behind! Unfortunately, the rest is pretty much true. Once I understood that “it’s all about the cat” and that “everything in its place and a place for everything” only referred to that instance, then all was ok. The “everything” and the “place” might change by the minute but it was at any given moment in its proper place.
Actually, the “everything” and “place” have settled down as time passed and things did finally find a more or less temporary place. We now move as a choreographed dance team in this canned ham. (If you believe that I have a bridge in Arizona to sell you!)

She Devil decides when we get up. The Queen decides when and where we go and I am along for the ride, to help carry camera equipment, to grill, to dump the waste tanks and to drive. I have also managed to do quite a bit of reading, work on a volunteer project via e mail and cell phone and to get in walks. It really is a life I could get used to!

Long Live the Queen....and her little cat too.  (I was required to say that)


  1. Oh, poor darling!! You really do have a good life. You and the cat!!! (just kidding.) You sound very much like Mary Ann's hubby. He dotes on her too. That is good. My little dog rules the roost here. But then, that's how it should be. Right? I'm enjoying your travels and look forward to more wildlife photos. Before I forget, here's the blog addy for my friend's cats. It's called "Behind Orange Eyes" and the addy is:

    Hope She Devil enjoys the blog. You have a great day.

  2. Hey Pete ....

    Nice to hear from you. With your absense of being in this blog, I had visions of you duct-taped and stored in that bath-closet against your will.

    Hey, I thought after Ma retired she'd have more time to do a lot of those chores that seem to be your job. Just kidding. I stopped by the house Tues. to clear whatever snow was in driveway and use the hot tub. I can't tell ya how much I've enjoyed using it on a weekly basis. Noticed you have 8 messages on your answering machine. Let me know if you need them relayed to you. And no, I didn't have any superbowl party at your house. I watched much of the game at a friend's house party until the cigarette smoke and one obnoxious viking fan forced a number of us to leave early to a lcoal bar. It's a long story I'll explain later. Well, I hope your voyage continues to go good. Too bad your blogs are past the "I"s. I was going to recommemd "I" for "Icecle", as in the six foot icecles hanging from your roof top. Joe