Saturday, February 19, 2011

Y is for Yonderly

Oh, there were so many fun words starting with Y to choose from.  Yonderly means mentally or emotionally distant - absent minded.  I felt the closest connection to that one.  The other choices were yawny - prone to yawning, but that seemed more like Left Brain.  

Yowie means a little ewe - and I'm not too sheepish to admit that I  think of all of ewe often.  And that's not a baaaaad thing.

Yesterday (another 'Y') we visited the Museum of Art and Whimsy in Sarasota and it was absolutely the coolest place I've seen that promotes whimsical art!  There will be more coming on that with lots of photos and information as to how to find it.  My friend, Mrs Potter, told me about it when she visited recently and I'm so glad she did.

"Y" is this segment so short you may ask?

Because I'm having too much fun working on the "Z"s....and I don't mean my sleeping!

I'm excited to be finishing up the alphabet so I can post whatever odd thing happens at the time instead of having to think so far ahead.

Long Live the Queen of ADD

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  1. Gosh, that musuem sounds like something I might want to visit while I'm in Florida. I wonder if they will let me bring the baby in as long as she is in her stroller. She can't be left alone, so that limits some of the things I can do. I'm looking forward to your photos from the museum.

    Thank you, and She Devil, for keeping your toes and fingers and paws crossed for us. That was quite the thing for us to see on the news a week before we leave!!! Can't wait to see what you are cooking up for "Z"!! Hugs, Edna B.