Saturday, February 5, 2011

J is for "you don't know JACK"

Well, we obviously didn't know jack before we started, but have learned much along the way.  Actually we also now know Jack personally, or as he prefers to be called - Captain Jack Sparrow.

I know it appears to be a strange sighting - but this is the south, ya'll.

Our guide - Jack
We spent the day at the Myaka River State Park yesterday and took an air boat ride and tram ride.  Here we met another Jack.  The tours were excellent and we saw so many alligators that it started to feel surreal.  They state there's only been three reported alligator bites to the legs in the history of the park (no deaths). Two were from people stepping near a submerged alligator...I can understand that.  The other one was a guy with a stringer of fish tied to his waist.  Duh!  Here's your sign as Bill Engvall would say.

It was a gorgeous day and we saw a ton of wildlife.  I'll post some here and some tomorrow.

The first thing we saw while waiting for the boat ride was the alligator on the opposite shore.  They tell us his name is Big Fred and he pretty much rules the little bay where the boats are. Even when the breeze from the air boat blew into his big scaly face he didn't budge.  He did open his eyes and look interested in the two men canoeing past him however.  He's estimated to be 13 feet long and about 300 pounds.

Long live the much smaller Queen.


  1. Hi, Q & LB!
    This is totally cool, I would love to be there!
    Enjoying the photos mucho mucho. Keep your hands and legs in the boat or your stories will lack credibiltiy since you would be short-handed and wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

  2. She Devine:

    I'm here alone all sad and blue,
    All I can think of is YOU YOU YOU....
    I'll let you know my secret wish:
    With you I'd share my tuna dish.
    But that, of course, will never transpire,
    My human mom wants to put out my fire.
    She says to forget it,
    she won't aid and abet it.
    She can't understand my burning desire.
    But now I end
    this little rhyme,
    Because I'm tired
    and it's naptime. zzzzzzz