Wednesday, February 2, 2011

G is for Groundhogs Day, but is that really a ground hog?

A greater threat would be six more weeks of blogging!
It's hard to think of Ground Hogs Day when the sky is sunny and the weather so warm and part of me doesn't care if there's six more weeks of winter.  But considering we will be back in Frostbite Falls for the last two weeks of that prediction, I guess I'll pay attention.
Now the ground hog down here is a strange looking animal, it kinda reminds me of She Devil, but that would be impossible.

Speaking of her, I made up a poem this morning as I was cleaning:

Cat litter prayer

Now I kneel me down to sweep
I wish this cat would wipe her feet
If she could only learn that trick
My cleaning would be over quick

The day was spent cleaning up, doing laundry other sundry chores.  Left Brain waxed the entire R-Pod after cleaning out the car, so that chore is done.  They are predicting rain for tomorrow but soon I need to get out and gather some new photos for the blog.

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  1. 6:01 AM - what has happened to you? It's not a plant shopping day - or is it? Marti