Saturday, February 26, 2011

Florida signs of interest

We have seen some very unusual signs down here in Florida.  Not all of them are that unique to just this state, like the bear crossing sign...but it's something you don't see in Wisconsin.  We have signs warning you of cow crossings....something I have not seen down here.

they'd prefer we walk on the plants?
And there seem to be a number of signs relating to sea shells.  This tells you where to walk.

And this one warns you not to clean them in the restrooms.  There was one on the men's room also, so they are politically correct.  It's apparently not just Sally who sells sea shells by the sea shore. 

And speaking of "shores" - there are a number of Adopt a Shore signs here.  Our question was do we choose Eric or Colleen Shore? She's a lot of fun, but he does undo the damage I do to the computers he sells me.  Such a choice to have to make!

Now I do realize that this is not an uncommon bank, but I haven't seen many of these back home.  When I was a kid I remember First Federal and First National ... everyone wanted to be first.  And even though I was taught if you're number two you try harder...but what does this say?  I'm really confused.

This one made a statement.....a very vague one. Why not just say "no semis".  It seems to infer that although "it's not really a good idea for a semi to try this turn, but go ahead if you feel you must".

I'm not sure what prompted this one - I'm just glad I wasn't wearing my 7" spikes that day!  Is it so you are able to run after your child?
It really ticked off Left Brain when they made him go put on something else before they'd let him on the pathways. 

And for those who think they might need to get to a doctor, or probably will after they text to find out how long the wait will be.....

Long Live the Queen of the Sensible Shoes

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