Friday, January 31, 2014

Migrating Friends

The cold in the Midwest has become unbearable and some of my friends have taken off for warmer places.

The Divine Miss M headed west and has landed safely in Las Vegas to enjoy some much needed warmth.

Chaseburg Mama hopped a plane after finding a place in Scottsdale AZ to rest and recover for a week or so.  She introduced me to the concept of "couch surfing" but I have not yet felt brave enough to attempt this.

You find someone on the couch surfing website that has a place to lay your weary head, make contact and then meet up.  It would be just my luck to try it once and get the only serial killer out there on the site.  Maybe I need to cut back on some of the TV shows we watch.

It wasn't until today I learned a lady we had traveled with to Egypt was on Fort Myers Beach but is heading back already to Wisconsin.  Rats!  It would have been such fun to see her again.

Miss Edna will be heading to Florida sometime in March, I'm hoping to see her again as we pass through on our way back north.

We plan to meet up with Jim and Kathy in Naples early February.  They have a campsite next to us in Minnesota and we met last year.  It will be nice to see them down here and then again in Minnesota next summer.

Hopefully we'll get to meet Andrea from the Sol when passing through the Chicago area.   She's another blogger I've met online, but have not seen in person.

It's a wonderful crazy world with people running around here and there and such a delight when our paths cross from time to time.  It's hard to say goodbye to the friends you've made, but there's always the anticipation of who you might meet up with next.

Stay warm and stay safe my friends!

Long Live the Queen of Fun Friends

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just call me Biker Mama

Well, it's official.  We are now a two bike family.  It's been a long time since we've owned bikes but it just made sense to add this to our new RV lifestyle.  It provides some exercise and doubles as a transportation option.

We stopped for lunch at Ford's Garage in Cape Coral on the way to discuss our options so we can make a final decision.  This was another whole experience and I will do a separate post on this later.

After visiting several bike stores in the Fort Myers area and test-driving various bikes we returned to The Bike Route to make our purchase.

We both went with the Electra Townie, his is the standard 26" tire and mine has the 24" tire which is nice for those who are vertically impaired.

It was fun picking out the accessories to go with it and I added a sweet little metal basket.  I wonder if George or Gracie would like to act as Toto and go for a spin....I doubt it.

After making our purchases of the bikes and carrier for the car, they assisted us in putting them on for transport back home.

The rain didn't start to pick up until just after we got them unloaded from the car, so photos will be delayed for a short while.

Long Live the Biker Queen

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The RV is looking a bit more homey

We went to an RV show in Florida recently and there's nothing more satisfying that looking at rigs that cost two or three times what we paid for See-More and liking them less.

Everything about See-More is just perfect for us and our two cats.  But although it's difficult to make a motor vehicle look like a home, I feel I'm getting there.

I found an overly long tension pole at Bed Bath and Beyond to use as my curtain rod and then sewed up some lace panels to make a curtain.

This provides a bit of privacy but allows the sunlight to come in at the same time.

With the curtains in place, the quilted toppers for the chairs and my steering wheel table, it's starting to look more homey.

It was hard to store the extra bedspread, so instead of storing it I've draped it in the front of the dashboard.  This softens the area, makes it look nicer and provides a cushy place for the cats to sit.  It's all about the cats.

Long Live the Queen of Better RV and Gardens

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It was one of those perfect days again.  Of course, being Tuesday and Pickleball day, that always helps.  I set out early to get the most play time I could before they close the gym to redo the floors.  But the wait will be worth it since on February 4th we will have six pickleball courts!  Woo woo!

All the other players are starting to get to know each other and find those they enjoy playing most with.  There's always new people to introduce to this sport and even though it means having to be gentler and play nice, it's worth it to share the joy.

I believe it's the increased physical activity that has provided me with this feeling of total bliss - all those endorphins are rushing about my head and making me feel groovy.  A nice natural high with no side effects.  I've also lost a little bit of weight and can feel some muscles toning up.

I can also feel many muscles bunching up and screaming from time to time.  When I have played hard it feels as if I've done 100 sit ups.  But this is all for the greater good, so I'll take it.

While I was off playing with the other kids, Left Brain was busy doing dishes and selling our excess stuff.  The stroller purchased for the cats was fun, but they really didn't seem to love it and it does take up a fair amount of space, so it had to go.  We also had one more folding table than we needed, so price tags were put on these items yesterday and set out in front of See-More the RV.  Both items went today.

After a quick shower we went to use another of his restaurant coupons only to find they don't open until 4:00.  This was at 3:00 and I really didn't think I could wait another hour for lunch.  So, we went to the place next door.  Not great food but it curbed the hunger.

Once we were fed we went back to the Schwinn dealer to test drive the bikes we tried earlier.  I really thought I'd be placing an order for one, but after riding the Electra Townie a few days earlier I'm not so sure.  We'll need to try the Townie's one more time and then I think we'll be ready to make a decision.  

We're not in a big rush but there are so many nice FLAT places to ride here, that I'd like to have them for our month in February.  Yes, we decided to hang around for one more month at least.  The pickleball is a big part of that decision.  By then we'll both have "hitch itch" and need to turn the key on See-More and head for new terrain.

Long Live the Queen of Groovy

Monday, January 27, 2014

Doing the laundry shuffle

Laundry day is always an adventure and so yesterday should have come as no surprise.  I headed off with my backseat full of clothes and anticipated finding several washers open, but nope.  All were full.  But two of the ladies were pulling their stuff out so I was ready to go as soon as the machines were open.  Round One complete.

I went back to the RV and then walked back to the laundry at the appropriate time to put them into the dryers.  All the dryers were full as well now.  Rats!  One lady was pulling her stuff out of one, so I made a quick decision.  I knew there were some clotheslines at the back of the park so I stuffed the things I wanted into the dryer and went back to get the car to haul the sheets and such for hanging on the lines.  Round Two complete.

Now keep in mind this is getting close to noon and we wanted to attend a movie at 1:15.  My plan was to retrieve the items from the dryer, fold them and leave them in the backseat until after the which time I'd pull the sheets off the lines.  Pretty cool plan, huh?

The plan was trashed when it was time to get going for the movie but the clothes were not yet dry in the dryer.  I had Left Brain join me in a mad dash to the clotheslines.  Plan B  now involved  hanging the half wet clothes on the lines and thankfully there were still enough lines open to do this.  Nothing like dancing around under some strangers underwear while hauling clothes in and out of the car.

With his nimble assistance we got everything up on the lines, and jumped into the car and off we went to the movie.  We saw The Dallas Buyer's Club which has returned to the theaters and has been nominated for several awards.  It's dark, depressing, full of sexuality, nudity and cursing.  But  it was inspirational what this man accomplished.  That's all I can say without ruining it for you.

Our supper plan was to order a pizza on the way home, pick it up and then go retrieve the clothes off the line.  It was a good plan, but apparently all plans today were doomed to fail.  Left Brain does online surveys and gets restaurant coupons as payment.  Kind of a modern day version of "will work for food".  He had a great coupon for Big Mouth Pizza and my taste buds were all set!

I called the number on the paper and they answered "Jim Jim's Pizza".  Huh?  I explained about the coupon and they responded that the business had folded and they were the new owners.  And no...they did not honor those coupons.  Bummer!

So we stopped at the grocery store instead where I picked up a few things to fix for supper.  Upon our return home I dropped him and the groceries off and I zipped back to the clothes lines as it looked as if it may start to rain.

Well, when the air is humid and there's no breeze, clothes don't all.  So I unpinned my two loads of laundry and stuffed it into the basket again and returned to the laundry room.  Thankfully there was one dryer open and I grabbed it.  It was really too much for one load, but it's only half wet...well more like a quarter wet now.

After waiting 40 minutes for it to dry I pulled it out, folded and stuck it into the car to return home.  It was just starting to drizzle when I arrived and I managed to get it under the awning before it got wet...again.

It was so satisfying to finally have this chore accomplished...but I really wished we were having pizza for supper.

Long Live the Queen of the Laundry Day Saga 

PS - No, you're not missing anything...none of the photos have anything to do with the post I just felt like sticking them in there.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

More secret storage places

It's always a challenge to find those extra few inches of storage in an RV...but they are there if you just look for them.

My most recent find was utilizing the space behind the curtains on the side windows.  

By putting a command hook on the upper part of the glass, I can hang a little bag to store small items.  This one has the attachments to the vacuum cleaner.

The shallow cabinets above the side windows are pretty much useless with only a 4" depth.  

But I managed to find a metal holder that was 3 15/16" that works nicely to store those camping books.

The shelf above it has a clear fridge container and holds odds and ends that we probably don't need, but there they are.

The other side has a similar theme with yet more guides to campsites.  The upper part has two containers, the smaller one hold CDs for music and the larger one has DVDs for movies and computer stuff.

As you can see, small tension rods hold the items in place so after driving you don't open the door and get whacked on the head by falling objects.

The outside of the cabinet has a hook also for Left Brain to store his hats.  

Those bald guys sure have a lot of hats!

When finding the white metal holder, I spied the pencil cup.  Hmmm...might this fit.  Yes, it did!  My cup holder on the co-pilot side is too large and my water bottle falls over.  By adding this to that spot now my water bottle stands tall.

The box on the co-pilot side next to my new cup holder stores  items for cleaning our glasses, sunglasses, hair brush (for me, definitely not him), hard candy and gum for those long rides.

The area behind the TV is used to house all kinds of junk we seldom use that have an electronics theme, such as cables, connectors, blank DVDs and the like.  You'll just have to use your imagination here, no photos to show you THAT mess.

The pockets on the back of the drivers and co-pilot chairs hold the GoPro camera, battery chargers, headphones, USB cables and electronic stuff that does get used often.  There's also some magazines and flyers that I've kept for whatever reason in there.

Well, that's it for the RV Storage Wars.

Long Live the Queen of Hiding Things

Friday, January 24, 2014

New toys for the kitties

It seems that when we go to bed at night we always find ourselves saying "well, another great day today".  We are so blessed to be able to live this liberating lifestyle and all it has to offer.

Today we slept in (because we could) and I noticed the Fed Ex truck driving around slowly.  Could it be my delivery?  Yes it was!  I had ordered an extension to the cat tent and tunnel to expand their area to run and play.

The newest part of the system has been added near the larger tent area and the additional six foot tunnel I bought earlier extends it way into the living room area.

I added some tablecloth over the two short portions that jut out so they can hide from one another and pounce on each other.  Oh such fun!

Then we went for a drive to Camping World.  We didn't really need anything, but it's always fun to roam about and see what's new and fun to have.

They were having a big sale and I spun the wheel of chance and won $10 off any $100 purchase.  No problem using that as we renewed our membership at a pay for one year get the next one free.  

And as is our habit while out and about, we stopped for a late lunch about 2:30.  We enjoy this as we've found if we had a big late lunch we can just skip supper.  Less calories and less cooking...can't beat that!

As we arrived back at our RV a couple on bikes stopped to talk with us about the RV we had.  They were trying to decide if they wanted to buy a park model in this park or have an RV to travel in.  We spend about an hour chatting in our outdoor living room about our adventure and how we decided on the RV we have.  It was fun to be able to impart some knowledge to another couple about this lifestyle.

Long Live the Spoiler of Felines

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More storage wars

Since it's just Left Brain and I, we don't need more than space for one person on each side of the table.  This allows for some more creative storage solutions.

On the top of the table I have two little "suitcases" found at TJ Maxx.  This allows storage of many loose items that don't need everyday access.  I liked the idea of suitcases for storage since we are always "on the move".

His side holds the cribbage board and other junk.

My side has all the odd stuff for the Keurig such as hot apple cider, decaff coffee, tea and cocoa, as well as back up regular coffee.

I placed a quilted runner over the top to protect the surface and well...because I have to have someplace to put them.  One side is for Fall and the other side is generic.  It also brings in a bit of color.

Underneath the table I added two shelves to create a landing platform.  This has storage boxes from Target to store things.  The box on the left mainly just holds the cords for the computers that would otherwise be dangling everywhere.

The other box holds my little fan that plugs into the PC for those hot sticky days and sundry supplies such as cough drops, hidden chocolate, things a girl might need.

We each have an office organizer (TJ Maxx) where we store our personal papers, staplers, calculators, check books, odd stuff that gets accessed a lot.  There's always enough room for a cat to curl up next to us...because that's important.

The tiny niche between the two windows allows me to display the doll purchased from Gretchen Lima, one of my favorite doll artists. 

She just fits nicely, can't fall over and isn't in the way. 

There's even room for decorations.

Long Live the Queen of Where Will She Stick Things Next?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New kitchen cart

The new kitchen cart is a welcome addition to our RV.  The assembly was a bit hairy, but it's done now and ready for use.

It has wheels, so when we move I can roll it out of the way of the slide and lock the wheels.  

The top drawer holds all my spices.  It's a bit sticky and doesn't open well, but then again I don't cook all that much so it's not a problem.

The produce basket slides out and I had two plastic trays that fit perfectly to keep onion peels and such from falling through.  I didn't like being able to see the white containers, so I  created a basket liner to coordinate with the stuff below.

The next shelf also pulls out, it's actually a serving tray and this will house my bread.  I wanted to find some kind of box to put this in so it looks nicer and when we came across a JoAnne's I went in search of something about 12" x 17" but no higher than 6" high.

Well!  I found a decorative box exactly those measurements and in a brown and cream tone to go with our decor.  This was truly a lucky moment and now I have my "bread box".

The bottom shelf holds odds and ends, cat food, cat grooming tools, etc.  It's all about the cats.

The top of the cart is granite so it goes nice with our Corian countertops.  The toaster oven continues to ride up there.  I tried storing it down below but we find it didn't get used if it had to be hauled out and up.

It's the only piece of furniture I've been able to buy since everything is built in and it was so much fun to create a little nook for everything.

Long Live the Queen of the Kitchen

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunny Saturday

It was cool this morning, in the 50's, so it was hard to crawl out from my cocoon of blankets and bedspreads.  But Gracie has started this weird habit of popping me in the nose with her paw and you can't ignore it.  She's got a mean left hook.

So up I got and out they went into their little tent city.  I fixed a cup of cocoa and pondered my day.   Hmmm, what should I not do first?  It's one of those lazy mornings I guess.

After Left Brain got up and we finished reading email and blogs and catching up on Facebook we headed out to do some shopping.  It seems there's always something I want to buy, any excuse for an outing.

Then we stopped at Panera for lunch and on the way home checked out a couple of bike shops I had my eye on.  I would love to get a comfortable bike to use for around the parks and some of the bike trails we've seen to get some exercise.  

It's been forever since I've ridden a bike and oh they have changed.

We test drove a Schwinn and I couldn't believe how light it was when I went to pick it up!  It looks just like the heavy one I had as a kid way back when, but is super easy to lift. 

Left Brain and I rode in circles around the parking lot checking out how they felt and rode.  The pedals are about 6" more forward than normal so you sit up straighter and there's no pressure on the hands and arms.

This might become a reality in the near future as it would not only be a source of exercise but could be used as an alternate form of transportation for this one car family.

I've started knitting dishcloths in the evening while watching TV as it seems like a nice "winter" activity to do.  It's about the only thing I feel capable of tackling right now, but someday I'd love to learn to knit socks, baby booties, hats, etc to have small items to give as gifts or donate to charities.

Long Live the Queen of Winter Fun

Pickleball explained

I call this the platypus of sports since it's an odd blend of badminton, tennis and ping pong.

It's chock full of all kinds of odd rules and that just makes it all the more fun.

I've inserted a You Tube video here so you can see what it looks like as it's being played.  This probably describes it better than I ever could.

Long Live the Pickleball Queen

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On the Boardwalk

It's a chilly winter day here in North Fort Myers so sitting outside isn't very pleasant.  So, it's time to take a hike.  

I'd been curious about the Eco-Preserve I saw one day while out and about, so we went there today to take a hike.

Seriously?  After the alligator warning you feel a need to keep people from jumping in the water?

After reading all the signs about what you cannot do we continued since we didn't seem to be in violation of any of the warnings.

The path is a series of boardwalks that take you out into the depths of where you would not be able to walk.

It is surrounded by a forest of white mangrove trees and I love the way their roots all intertwine.

There's just something magical and mystical about all those exposed roots.

We stumbled upon a group of ibis and egrets back on the end of one of the paths.

I was thinking it didn't look very deep, but this sign made me reconsider taking any short cuts.  You really wouldn't want to go into this swampy mix anyway as the odor of decay is quite strong.

Obviously Left Brain and I watch way too many murder mysteries because in no time we were discussing the perfect way to dispose of a body in the swamp.  It's bad enough we watch this kind of show, but we tend to read that genre of books as well.

Parts of the trail took you to open areas with lots of water and nice views of the city. 

We're not sure what the floating structures are.  We're guessing picnic areas for boaters as it's open on one end.

Near the entrance they have a Veterans Memorial with a reproduction of the Iwo Jima sculpture.  There is also an electronic billboard that flashes the names of the local men who died during wartime one name at a time.

It was a nice hike and we stopped at Wal-mart on the way home to pick up some cat food.  We would not DARE go home without it as we fed them the last can before leaving.  Talk about your murder mysteries, I can only imagine the terrors George and Gracie would instill if we didn't bring home their food.

After grilling some burgers for lunch I settled in to my computer work.  My plan was to do laundry, but I feel too lazy to deal with it right now.  Let me interpret that for you - I still have some clean underwear in my drawer.

Long Live the Queen of Hiking Camp Swampy

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Live is full of ups and downs

After getting kicked out of the fancy gated community and finding a group to play with at the community center I felt life was great.  Especially after playing three and half hours last Saturday - such bliss!

Today we showed up and found that they had to remove the tape that sectioned off six courts (something to do with warranty of the floor) and thus we are now down to just two courts...for many players.

They also stopped having a "beginner" time and so new people are always trying to play with more advanced players which is frustrating for both groups.  So alas...all in the Queendom is not perfect anymore.  So what's the Queen to do? 

That's right - she had to put on her Big Girl Panties and deal with it!  I've always found it best to treat any set back with humor.

We had just been to Camping World last Sunday and then Left Brain's lounge chair broke the following day.  Since I wasn't getting the play time I was hoping for we bailed out of pickleball early and went back to Camping World.

Along the way, we spotted a PetCo so I ran in to get a toothbrush set for George as his teeth are looking nasty.   I'm about to attempt brushing his teeth...wish me luck.

Since Five Guys and a Burger was nearby we had lunch before shopping for his new chair.  If you've never been to one of these, do  check it out.  The burgers and fries are very good and it's just kind of a fun experience to take in.

Once at Camping World I sat down to wait for him to choose his new chair and fell in love with what I was sitting on, so it had to come home with me as well.

So, as the saying goes...when things get tough - go shopping.

Long Live the Queen of Shucking and Jiving

Monday, January 13, 2014

Indoor pickleball courts

On Saturday I went to visit the new community center and play pickleball.   

We have half the basketball court which affords us three pickleball courts.  I love the fact that it's indoors and out of the elements but the lines can be confusing.

The floor is marked already for basketball and then there are the additional lines taped on for pickleball.  That in itself is confusing but consider this....  the side boundaries are the second yellow line, the back boundaries are the second yellow line on one side of the gym and the white line on the other side.

The game already has enough quirks and is played primarily by seniors and our memory is challenged by that alone, much less which lines are which.  There is talk that they will be painting actual pickleball lines in the future.

But for me, this is enough and I had a delightful three hours of play since there were just the right number of people that you never needed to sit a game out.

I may not be able to walk without pain for a day or two while my body adjusts, but at that moment I was totally blissed out!

Long Live the Queen of Pickleball  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things always seem to work out for the best

When choosing an RV park, access to pickleball courts is always a consideration.  I fell in love with this game last year out in Arizona and try to find it where ever I go.

So when I searched the Pickleball USA website and found a group in North Ft Myers I contacted them to see if I could join in since it showed a private membership.  I was invited with open arms by the lovely lady responding to my email.

The first day I went to play there were only a handful of people playing due to the cold weather and everyone seemed glad to meet me and we all had fun.

The next time I went there were many more of the residents of the park playing and a lady approached me to find out "how I got in".  Yikes!  I felt like a total interloper.  She gently but firmly put me in my place that the residents should have first opportunity to play as they live here.

I played for a bit and then when the players switched out I quietly exited and went home.  This may seem like a small issue but let me tell you, it pushed all my insecurity buttons.  I was feeling the shame of being unwanted and unwelcome and had to really work to shrug it off.

However, while there I did hear one lady mention that some of the people were going to the new community center to play.  So when I got home and soothed my bruised ego by telling Left Brain of my misadventure, I searched the internet for this community center.

After getting some basic info I called them and asked about the pickleball courts.  Yes, indeed they had courts indoors and played three days a week.  I would have to pay a membership fee.  My heart sank as I know how expensive the memberships can be at the YMCA and the like.  Then she told me it was a $10 lifetime membership.  

Needless to say we raced down there after lunch to make sure this really could be true.  The facility just opened in the fall of 2013 and was gorgeous.  We both paid down our $10 for the lifetime membership.

Then I found another program they have as an adjunct to this for $10 a year.  It offered tai chi, yoga, Spanish lessons, crochet, and a host of other interests to varied to mention.  I just found my favorite place to visit!

So in looking back I realized that the lady who confronted me actually did me a favor.  I can now play indoors with no questions as to my right to be there and free of all elements of the weather. 

It just goes to show there is always a silver lining after the storm if you just keep looking for it.

Long Live the Queen of Pickleball


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Even further south is cold!

The RV park we're staying in has a very weird sense of humor, so we fit right in.  At the front entrance you are greeted by a mannequin that had a diaper on it for the heralding of the New Year, but now that it's cold you'll see he is sporting a jacket...over his speedo.

The large decorated dog on the other side has been given a hoodie to stay warm.

And yes, it is cold.  Our furnace has been turned on and the long sleeved clothes and jackets came out of storage.  Brrrr.  The local news had warnings about hypothermia, frost bite and possible death as temperatures were plunging into the low 20's when considering the wind chill.

That gave us a chuckle as back "home" in Wisconsin they are dealing with wind chills of minus 56.  We watched video on Facebook of our cousins tossing hot water into the air and having it turn instantly into snow.

When at the Italian restaurant I mentioned earlier, the waitress told me how to reheat the pizza to make it look just like it did when it was served.  I was skeptical, but it worked.

You put it into a frying pan, turn the heat to medium to high and put a lid on it.  Within 2 - 4 minutes your pizza is crispy on the bottom and not dried out.

Placing the lid on it creates a little "oven" of sorts and it did indeed look and taste as good as the first time.  Wait a minute, actually I liked it better the second time as the crust seemed even crisper!

Just thought you should know.

Long Live the Queen of Staying Warm

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moving further south

The family has returned to Minnesota after their visit and are adjusting to the colder temps up there.  We were scheduled to stay another two days in Bill Frederick Park, but the weather was cool there also with rainstorms, so our plans were altered.

We decided to head to North Ft Myers right away in hope it would be warmer.  This was a park I found online that was affordable in southern Florida and had no reviews at all...that was scary.  

As is our custom, we looked for a late lunch on the drive down.  We've found that it's nice to have a good meal under our belts shortly before we check in to start the set up process.  When you're setting up and hungry and thirsty it tends to make a person downright cranky, so we try to avoid this.  It also makes supper a snap because we're not hungry and just having a snack is fine.  Perhaps ice cream as well, but it was too cold right now.

Finding a spot to eat is always a challenge when you're in an RV and towing a car.  There may be many places offering food, but there isn't always a spot large enough to fit us in for parking.

I spotted what looked like a restaurant and we pulled in and found a nice spot in the back to park, allowing us to exit by driving around the building.  Perfect!   It was an Italian restaurant and a huge group was entering just before us.  Rats.  But the waitress asked if we wanted to give our order at the same time she took drinks to get our order in ahead of them.  I liked this lady.  

After finishing most of our pizza, we had her pack up the remainder in aluminum foil and a bag instead of the customary big and bulky container and we headed on to our future home.  

The minute we drove in I could sense why the price was so good, but we'd already put $150 deposit down so I paid for a month and we can explore the area and perhaps find somewhere else to relocate.  We have full hookups, it's quiet and appears to be safe, so for now it's good.

The cats are happy anywhere they can run around in their little tent and although it was chilly they enjoyed romping after being cooped up hiding behind the couch during the drive.

We will explore the park more today, get our maps and mail box key and then search the area to get our bearings.  I researched some of the alternate places in the area and it's frightening what they charge here.  I miss the west...things seem so much more reasonable.

Long Live the Queen of RV Resorts

Monday, January 6, 2014

What's in a Name?

One of the special joys of having the family join us for the holidays is eating out.  Gone are the days of McDonald Play Place and needing a kid friendly atmosphere.  Our lovely ladies are growing up and learning to eat shrimp and other delicacies.

So when we received the text to meet at Fish Bones I got very excited.  I assumed it was Bonefish Grill she meant and when we entered Fish Bones into the gps it came back as Bonefish Grill.  She said it was on Sand Lake so that confirmed it in my mind.

We tend to arrive early, or at least on we had some time to spend at the bar having a drink.  I had just picked out my entree while indulging in a margarita when the next text came in asking if everything was ok.  Huh?

Left Brain send a text back that all was good, we had a table in our name and were at the bar.  That's when we learned we were at the wrong place.  We were at Bonefish - they were at Fish Bones...both on Sand Lake street.

As we drove away I noticed there was also another restaurant called Moon Fish.  Holy Cow!  All three of these eateries on the same's amazing anyone meets up.

But we arrived and found our family and enjoyed a nice meal and the luxury of being able to visit.  I liked the place so much I left my purse there and we had to go back the next day.

Long Live the Queen of Bones

Friday, January 3, 2014

Florida Health Care for Women

Ladies...are you having problems with your...well, female parts?

Having trouble getting an appointment to see the doctor for those issues?

Well!  Worry no longer!  You can stop in at the D & C Mart for a quick fix.  No appointment needed.

Long Live the Queen of Bad Humor

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

We made it to about 10:00 last night so weren't awake to welcome the new year, but we felt pretty confident it would start without us.

It's been a whirlwind of activity with the family visiting, so I haven't been able to blog much.  We're taking a day off after zip-lining yesterday with them...they are back at Universal for more rides already this morning.

We're just recovering and taking time to catch up on reading Facebook and Blogs. 

After the family has left we'll have a day to catch up and perhaps I can start sharing some of our experiences, hopefully with videos.  I purchased some video editing software and hope to load that today sometime.

Long Live the Queen of Aching Muscles