Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunny Saturday

It was cool this morning, in the 50's, so it was hard to crawl out from my cocoon of blankets and bedspreads.  But Gracie has started this weird habit of popping me in the nose with her paw and you can't ignore it.  She's got a mean left hook.

So up I got and out they went into their little tent city.  I fixed a cup of cocoa and pondered my day.   Hmmm, what should I not do first?  It's one of those lazy mornings I guess.

After Left Brain got up and we finished reading email and blogs and catching up on Facebook we headed out to do some shopping.  It seems there's always something I want to buy, any excuse for an outing.

Then we stopped at Panera for lunch and on the way home checked out a couple of bike shops I had my eye on.  I would love to get a comfortable bike to use for around the parks and some of the bike trails we've seen to get some exercise.  

It's been forever since I've ridden a bike and oh they have changed.

We test drove a Schwinn and I couldn't believe how light it was when I went to pick it up!  It looks just like the heavy one I had as a kid way back when, but is super easy to lift. 

Left Brain and I rode in circles around the parking lot checking out how they felt and rode.  The pedals are about 6" more forward than normal so you sit up straighter and there's no pressure on the hands and arms.

This might become a reality in the near future as it would not only be a source of exercise but could be used as an alternate form of transportation for this one car family.

I've started knitting dishcloths in the evening while watching TV as it seems like a nice "winter" activity to do.  It's about the only thing I feel capable of tackling right now, but someday I'd love to learn to knit socks, baby booties, hats, etc to have small items to give as gifts or donate to charities.

Long Live the Queen of Winter Fun


  1. Do send me a pic of this latest project so I can include it in my FOTO FRIDAY challenge from last week, OK? Knit away.

  2. Oh you brave girl. I would love to have a bike too, but I will need one with three wheels. I don't do so well on just two wheels. Maybe one of these days. It would be a great way of getting outdoors and some exercise. Amazing how our fur babies know what they want and how to get it when they want it! Lately, I've picked up my knitting again, and I have a couple of crochet projects that I would like to do. Have fun with your crafts. This is good crafting weather. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog and love the pictures.

    For the last few months for some reason I am unable to leave a comment. This morning I am trying again, this time logging into google first then navigating to your blog and will see if this works.

  4. OK, that worked. That is probably the reason I can't comment on any Blogspot blog, I don't stay logged in. What used to happen is a popup would open so I could log in, that went away a few months ago. So will have to log into google, read all Blogspot blogs, log out and read other blogs.

    Again, I really do enjoy reading your blog, you have a wonderful writing talent and take beautiful pictures.

  5. LOL ... you always make me laugh and I love it. Gracie is a stitch. Our Chachi stills on the bolster over my head and yanks my hair. The same effect ... either I get up or I lose a lock of hair, which I can't afford. I love animals they are so much fun.

    Goog for you going for a bike. Interesting that they would design it to relieve the pressure on your hands and arms when it is the seat that causes the pain. I have yet to find a bicycle seat that doesn't either force we to stand up because of the discomfort or to just simply numb my butt until I can't stand it. I don't remember that ever being an issue when I was young ... and when I grew up, you rode you bike wherever you wanted to go or you didn't go ... unless, of course, it was in walking distance. Biking is great exercise and since you are keeping yourself in the warmer climits it should be something you can do often. Go for it!!!

    As for your knitting, my MIL used to make us those little scurbbies that I used for washing dishes and pans with stuff stuck to it ... then she died and no more scrubbies. If you ever get the urge ... I will be first in line for a reasonable price :) It does sound like you are having a relaxing stay in Florida, albeit a cool one. Hope it warms up for you soon Queen of Animal Stories ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    P.S. No Photoshop Friday?

  6. P.S. I posted my comment before I reread it for all of my stupid typing errors. Somehow my fingers seem to have a mind of their own ... sorry, hope you can figure out what I am saying.


  7. After hurting my elbow I got a Giant Suede bike - so comfy! But the pedal placement isn't like the Schwinn and that Schwinn looks smart to me. Hugs to your George and Gracie.