Friday, January 24, 2014

New toys for the kitties

It seems that when we go to bed at night we always find ourselves saying "well, another great day today".  We are so blessed to be able to live this liberating lifestyle and all it has to offer.

Today we slept in (because we could) and I noticed the Fed Ex truck driving around slowly.  Could it be my delivery?  Yes it was!  I had ordered an extension to the cat tent and tunnel to expand their area to run and play.

The newest part of the system has been added near the larger tent area and the additional six foot tunnel I bought earlier extends it way into the living room area.

I added some tablecloth over the two short portions that jut out so they can hide from one another and pounce on each other.  Oh such fun!

Then we went for a drive to Camping World.  We didn't really need anything, but it's always fun to roam about and see what's new and fun to have.

They were having a big sale and I spun the wheel of chance and won $10 off any $100 purchase.  No problem using that as we renewed our membership at a pay for one year get the next one free.  

And as is our habit while out and about, we stopped for a late lunch about 2:30.  We enjoy this as we've found if we had a big late lunch we can just skip supper.  Less calories and less cooking...can't beat that!

As we arrived back at our RV a couple on bikes stopped to talk with us about the RV we had.  They were trying to decide if they wanted to buy a park model in this park or have an RV to travel in.  We spend about an hour chatting in our outdoor living room about our adventure and how we decided on the RV we have.  It was fun to be able to impart some knowledge to another couple about this lifestyle.

Long Live the Spoiler of Felines

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  1. I love your legs in this picture! Waving at you from Cold Country!