Monday, January 6, 2014

What's in a Name?

One of the special joys of having the family join us for the holidays is eating out.  Gone are the days of McDonald Play Place and needing a kid friendly atmosphere.  Our lovely ladies are growing up and learning to eat shrimp and other delicacies.

So when we received the text to meet at Fish Bones I got very excited.  I assumed it was Bonefish Grill she meant and when we entered Fish Bones into the gps it came back as Bonefish Grill.  She said it was on Sand Lake so that confirmed it in my mind.

We tend to arrive early, or at least on we had some time to spend at the bar having a drink.  I had just picked out my entree while indulging in a margarita when the next text came in asking if everything was ok.  Huh?

Left Brain send a text back that all was good, we had a table in our name and were at the bar.  That's when we learned we were at the wrong place.  We were at Bonefish - they were at Fish Bones...both on Sand Lake street.

As we drove away I noticed there was also another restaurant called Moon Fish.  Holy Cow!  All three of these eateries on the same's amazing anyone meets up.

But we arrived and found our family and enjoyed a nice meal and the luxury of being able to visit.  I liked the place so much I left my purse there and we had to go back the next day.

Long Live the Queen of Bones


  1. Oh my, you only had to write down the name and address of the place. It would been much easier (and safer) than leaving your purse behind. lol. Maybe the restaurant is too new for the GPS system. I have to agree though, it is nice to be able to go out to dinner with the family and not have a playground just outside the door. I've left you a link for that tee shirt on my blog. I think it's wonderful that George and Gracie love their tent so much that they will even go out when it rains. Pogo is in a very playful mood so I best go play with him for a while. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Things tend to be fishy in Florida. They are not landlocked. Glad you had your cells with you and that you text. You both are so tech savvy!

  3. Goodness, it is a wonder that you all finally met up! That is confusing, but kind of funny, too!