Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It was one of those perfect days again.  Of course, being Tuesday and Pickleball day, that always helps.  I set out early to get the most play time I could before they close the gym to redo the floors.  But the wait will be worth it since on February 4th we will have six pickleball courts!  Woo woo!

All the other players are starting to get to know each other and find those they enjoy playing most with.  There's always new people to introduce to this sport and even though it means having to be gentler and play nice, it's worth it to share the joy.

I believe it's the increased physical activity that has provided me with this feeling of total bliss - all those endorphins are rushing about my head and making me feel groovy.  A nice natural high with no side effects.  I've also lost a little bit of weight and can feel some muscles toning up.

I can also feel many muscles bunching up and screaming from time to time.  When I have played hard it feels as if I've done 100 sit ups.  But this is all for the greater good, so I'll take it.

While I was off playing with the other kids, Left Brain was busy doing dishes and selling our excess stuff.  The stroller purchased for the cats was fun, but they really didn't seem to love it and it does take up a fair amount of space, so it had to go.  We also had one more folding table than we needed, so price tags were put on these items yesterday and set out in front of See-More the RV.  Both items went today.

After a quick shower we went to use another of his restaurant coupons only to find they don't open until 4:00.  This was at 3:00 and I really didn't think I could wait another hour for lunch.  So, we went to the place next door.  Not great food but it curbed the hunger.

Once we were fed we went back to the Schwinn dealer to test drive the bikes we tried earlier.  I really thought I'd be placing an order for one, but after riding the Electra Townie a few days earlier I'm not so sure.  We'll need to try the Townie's one more time and then I think we'll be ready to make a decision.  

We're not in a big rush but there are so many nice FLAT places to ride here, that I'd like to have them for our month in February.  Yes, we decided to hang around for one more month at least.  The pickleball is a big part of that decision.  By then we'll both have "hitch itch" and need to turn the key on See-More and head for new terrain.

Long Live the Queen of Groovy

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  1. Those purple trees look so inviting! Glad to hear that you are having more fun. It's all that great exercise you are getting that is making you feel so groovy. keep it up!! Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.