Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More storage wars

Since it's just Left Brain and I, we don't need more than space for one person on each side of the table.  This allows for some more creative storage solutions.

On the top of the table I have two little "suitcases" found at TJ Maxx.  This allows storage of many loose items that don't need everyday access.  I liked the idea of suitcases for storage since we are always "on the move".

His side holds the cribbage board and other junk.

My side has all the odd stuff for the Keurig such as hot apple cider, decaff coffee, tea and cocoa, as well as back up regular coffee.

I placed a quilted runner over the top to protect the surface and well...because I have to have someplace to put them.  One side is for Fall and the other side is generic.  It also brings in a bit of color.

Underneath the table I added two shelves to create a landing platform.  This has storage boxes from Target to store things.  The box on the left mainly just holds the cords for the computers that would otherwise be dangling everywhere.

The other box holds my little fan that plugs into the PC for those hot sticky days and sundry supplies such as cough drops, hidden chocolate, things a girl might need.

We each have an office organizer (TJ Maxx) where we store our personal papers, staplers, calculators, check books, odd stuff that gets accessed a lot.  There's always enough room for a cat to curl up next to us...because that's important.

The tiny niche between the two windows allows me to display the doll purchased from Gretchen Lima, one of my favorite doll artists. 

She just fits nicely, can't fall over and isn't in the way. 

There's even room for decorations.

Long Live the Queen of Where Will She Stick Things Next?


  1. You are clever. You have a very nice and cozy little home! Bill amazes me the way he stores things in his truck, too. And he cooks in there (with mini-appliances)! Of course, he doesn't have the room an RV does.

  2. I applaud your creativity. Your home is not only lovely, but everything is quite handy and useful. Something I haven't quite mastered. It is very cold here, so I'm getting ready to crawl back under my blanket where it is warm. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.