Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Live is full of ups and downs

After getting kicked out of the fancy gated community and finding a group to play with at the community center I felt life was great.  Especially after playing three and half hours last Saturday - such bliss!

Today we showed up and found that they had to remove the tape that sectioned off six courts (something to do with warranty of the floor) and thus we are now down to just two courts...for many players.

They also stopped having a "beginner" time and so new people are always trying to play with more advanced players which is frustrating for both groups.  So alas...all in the Queendom is not perfect anymore.  So what's the Queen to do? 

That's right - she had to put on her Big Girl Panties and deal with it!  I've always found it best to treat any set back with humor.

We had just been to Camping World last Sunday and then Left Brain's lounge chair broke the following day.  Since I wasn't getting the play time I was hoping for we bailed out of pickleball early and went back to Camping World.

Along the way, we spotted a PetCo so I ran in to get a toothbrush set for George as his teeth are looking nasty.   I'm about to attempt brushing his teeth...wish me luck.

Since Five Guys and a Burger was nearby we had lunch before shopping for his new chair.  If you've never been to one of these, do  check it out.  The burgers and fries are very good and it's just kind of a fun experience to take in.

Once at Camping World I sat down to wait for him to choose his new chair and fell in love with what I was sitting on, so it had to come home with me as well.

So, as the saying goes...when things get tough - go shopping.

Long Live the Queen of Shucking and Jiving


  1. Oh my, the red trim on the big girl panties is so regal looking! lol. Yup, going shopping and buying a couple of new chairs is a great mood picker upper. Happy lounging! You have a great night now, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Great post! My chair is dying too. Sad.

  3. If a girl has to put on her big girl panties, those are the ones to have!