Thursday, January 9, 2014

Even further south is cold!

The RV park we're staying in has a very weird sense of humor, so we fit right in.  At the front entrance you are greeted by a mannequin that had a diaper on it for the heralding of the New Year, but now that it's cold you'll see he is sporting a jacket...over his speedo.

The large decorated dog on the other side has been given a hoodie to stay warm.

And yes, it is cold.  Our furnace has been turned on and the long sleeved clothes and jackets came out of storage.  Brrrr.  The local news had warnings about hypothermia, frost bite and possible death as temperatures were plunging into the low 20's when considering the wind chill.

That gave us a chuckle as back "home" in Wisconsin they are dealing with wind chills of minus 56.  We watched video on Facebook of our cousins tossing hot water into the air and having it turn instantly into snow.

When at the Italian restaurant I mentioned earlier, the waitress told me how to reheat the pizza to make it look just like it did when it was served.  I was skeptical, but it worked.

You put it into a frying pan, turn the heat to medium to high and put a lid on it.  Within 2 - 4 minutes your pizza is crispy on the bottom and not dried out.

Placing the lid on it creates a little "oven" of sorts and it did indeed look and taste as good as the first time.  Wait a minute, actually I liked it better the second time as the crust seemed even crisper!

Just thought you should know.

Long Live the Queen of Staying Warm


  1. You're right Queen Jester, this stop looks like a good fit. Enjoy. BTW I am going to try that pizza trick. I hate soggy pizza!

  2. This has been a bad winter, that started early. Bill has driven through many snow and ice storms. In one day he went from 68* to the single digits. Stay safe and warm.

  3. Crazy weather and I love the dressing of the mannequin. I think I prefer the speedo to a diaper. Must have made you a little leary when you arrived ... but hey, a good sense of humor can make you forget that you are freezing to death:) We were in the high forties yesterday and then it started raining as the temperature dropped ... it was a mess on the roads. Everything is still covered with ice ... don't know if I will be able to get out to go to Izzi's class this morning. So enjoy your version of cold, it could be worse. As for the pizza suggestion ... we never have left overs here ... hmmmm , what does that tell you. Love your new digs ... hope you can stay warm Queen of Left Overs.

    Andrea @ From The Sol