Saturday, November 25, 2017

A New Bird in My Feeder

My feeders attract lots of finches and quail, along with several hummingbirds, but today I had a new visitor.

There was a pair of lovely Gilded Flickers dining on my suet, but I was only able to get a shot of one of them before they flew away.

I love the view out my window into my private little bird sanctuary.

Long Live the Queen

Friday, November 17, 2017

Religious Discrimination

The chiropractor that crashed down on top of me last summer during an adjustment was our speaker at Carriage Manor last week.  Thankfully he decided to keep our little secret to himself.

He'd left several business cards and a flyer behind and when I read the highlighted section I just had to call him. 

When he answered I explained I didn't know if I should sue for religious discrimination or just point out his typo.

While trying to appeal to the older members of our resort he highlighted "specializing in Geriatric gentile non-force techniques".  This was certainly a passage that made me go "hmmm?"

While I guess I could be considered geriatric, I'm certainly not a gentile.

I can't wait to see what our next encounter might bring.

Long Live the Jewish Queen

Monday, November 13, 2017

Sex Change in Arizona

Well, hopefully that title peeked your interest.  

It wasn't my intention to get a sex change as part of my new life as an Arizonan, but it does show what happens when you try to be funny with a government agency.

Left Brain and I went to the DMV to get our licenses changed over to Arizona and when I read the question that asked "sex?" I couldn't resist and entered "maybe".

Well, they either just saw the beginning of it and entered "male" or decided to have some fun back with me, I'll never know.  But I am officially registered as an Arizona driver now...a male Arizona driver.

This will necessitate a second visit to the DMV, which I'm not looking forward to and will wait until we go in with the other documents to make us certified to fly when the rules change in 2020.

This is what happens when you try to cute cute in a non-humorous zone...just warning ya.

Long Live the the King now

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Men in Pink Skirts ...just another odd thing about this park

We have an annual event here in Carriage Manor sponsored by the Tennis and Pickleball Clubs to raise funds for breast cancer awareness.

To participate in this event you provide a $5.00 donation and can enter the competition, but with one small twist.  

You must wear something pink...including the men.

Oh wait, the men must also wear a skirt as well.

To make sure this requirement is easy to follow, Jennifer and I purchased several yards of tulle and made eight nice pink tutus.  

I think the men looked just lovely in these.

The group that makes the knitted knockers were there as well.  These are yarn prosthesis for women who do not want or cannot afford the regular kind.  I'm told these are much more comfortable and they are provided to any woman who needs one, no question asked.

Long Live the Queen

Monday, November 6, 2017

Chicken Truck

The other part of my theme in the kitchen and dining area are metal trucks. 

Ok, some cars have snuck in as well.

I love decorating them with artificial succulents.

It occurred to me that the chickens and the trucks are combined in a funny song I heard when with my granddaughters.

Every time I hear it I laugh and have these great memories of watching their faces light up as they giggled over the lyrics.

In case you've never heard this little ditty (that's for my daughter Christy), I will share it here.

Click Chicken Truck to listen.

Long Live the Queen of the Chicken Truck