Friday, December 9, 2016

The Icemaker Cometh

Since our refrigerator doesn't have an ice maker, we decided to order a portable one to set outside on top of the little fridge.

We tried getting the free ice here in the park, but it's more of a crushed variety and he doesn't care for that.  

Neither of us is willing to load ice cube trays, and wait...I don't even use the ice, I'm certainly not monkeying with filling those.  That's why I put them out in the patio sale last month.

So now we have this shiny new icemaker ready to roll.  I didn't want to have one installed in the fridge since we're gone half the year and it's one more thing to go berserk...and I'm not willing to part with all that glorious space I finally have.  The only flaw in our plan was that the instructions say not to have it outside, so it is parked in the second bathroom. Thank goodness for that huge countertop in there.

Yes, this was yet another purchase made during the holiday sales.

Long Live the Ice Queen

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Queen Begins to Tackle the Throne Room

The bathroom was mostly OK, but it's a small room so I decided to tackle it first.

I liked the color choices made in this room, but the large floral shower curtain had to go.  And since we were altering things, we added a bowed shower curtain rod for a little more elbow room.

I thought perhaps the stripes would make the room look wider, I know they have that effect on me.

I want to paint the cabinets the greenish blue color in the shower curtain and replace the hardware in this room.  The bright brassy gold is just a bit much.  And this light fixture definitely has to go.

I found these little baskets at Target and now Left Brain and I have our own space to store our stuff.

The larger one for the toilet tank holds all the magazines and puzzles that are needed for l0nger visits.

This little sign reminds you what room you are in since I finally have a bath tub again.

I didn't like the placement of the toilet paper holder, so I removed it and got one of these free standing ones.  Plus I found a brown toilet lid cover to coordinate.

More photos will come when the cabinets have been painted and the hardware switched out. 

Long Live the Queen of the Throne

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Creating a Kitty Cubby

All felines like a good hiding place, and ours are no exception, and if that space can be up high...well that's a real score.

The area above the fridge is inaccessible (to me) without a step stool, so I figured why not remove the doors and make it a cozy nook for George and Gracie to hide in.

Here is how it looked before, painted white and complete with doors and spindles:

Then the doors and dreaded spindles were removed:

Hmm, it's a good start, but the cardboard cat bed had to go. 

There, now it seems to be more inviting and I find George up here a lot, except he's above the cabinets instead of inside it.

I painted it the same gray as the cabinets to make it feel more cat cave like.

He seems to be ignoring the wire bed in the cubby, but seems to have a thing going on with this new chick.

Yup, nobody up here but us chickens.

Long Live the Queen of Cats

Monday, December 5, 2016

Now We Can Never Get Locked Out Again

It is so nice to have a handy hubby!

He installed this deadbolt lock with a number pad, so no keys are required.  This way if I take off shopping while he's out biking, he can still get into the house.

Of course, there is that little issue of limited memory.  Hopefully we can recall the code!

Thanks to Sister Mary for showing us their system and inspiring us to add one to our home.

Long Live the Queen of Codes

Sunday, December 4, 2016

More Home Warming Gifts Arrive

My friend Carole has a lot of antique things (including Doug) and she has bequeathed some of them to me as she downsizes.  I just love it when other people downsize and send me their that I have room to enjoy them.

Isn't this little coffee pot adorable?

And this tin for tooth powder will find a place in the bathroom for display when that room is redone, but it was too cute not to put on my shelf right now.

I would have posted them as soon as they arrived, but we had just started gutting out the cabinets to paint and I wanted to wait until they found their way into their new homes before sharing them with my blogger buddies.

Long Live the Queen