Saturday, January 14, 2017

Breakfast with my Imaginary Friends

Our friends Tom & Kay contacted us that they would be in the area later this month and asked if we could meet with them.  Oh yes!  We love these people, so plans were made to meet them for breakfast since I had other things on my schedule for later in the day.  I was so excited to see them!

Left Brain and I headed out to Franagan's, one of our favorite little hole in the wall places to eat and sat down together facing the door to watch for them.  Every time we saw a big red truck go by on the road we were sure it was them.  But when the appointed time came and went I was a bit concerned.

Tom & Kay live on the road and I knew they wouldn't have any trouble finding us where ever we may be, and they usually show up early as well.  Then Left Brain saw a big red truck make a U-turn on the road near our breakfast place, so he ran outside to flag them down and show them where we were.

In the meantime I called Kay to let her know where we were sitting.  Her response was to laugh.  We had planned to meet on the 26th of January.  I hurried outside to get Left Brain off the street before he pulled some confused truckers off the road to join us.

We informed the waitress that we were going to order and now wait for them...that they wouldn't be coming for another week or two.  This set her off and she started teasing us about having breakfast with our imaginary friends.

She'd come by and ask if we wanted more coffee and when we responded she'd shut us down with "I wasn't talking to you...I was asking your friends".  She was having too much fun with this.

When we actually DO meet up with Tom & Kay we'll have to revisit the scene of the crime to let her know we really DO have friends.

This photo of the ladies room will give you an idea as to the type of place we frequent.

You gotta love the place that props up the sink with a walker.

Long Live the Queen

Monday, January 2, 2017

Bedspread arrives

I had seen this bedspread at another store, but Walmart had it online for $20 less, so it was ordered and anxiously awaited.

The colors work well in this room and the stripes make the bed look wider.  Well, it always works that way when I wear stripes, so I figured it should work here as well!

Now I'd like to paint the cabinets and night stands the deep turquoise color found in the bedspread to carry that color theme down the hall and into the bedroom.

Hmmm, Left Brain may have yet another painting project to play with early in 2017.

Long Live the Queen

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Decorating the Hutch Area

One of the first things I fell in love with was this built in hutch and the possibilities of what I could do with the blank wall next to it. 

As much as I love the cut glassware left behind, there was an awful lot of it.  I had to pare down so I could add other items to the shelves.

 After I removed the spindles and doors I had Left Brain paint the insides of the cabinets yellow for a little color and warm.

I'd considered leaving the cabinet doors off, but fear what mischief Gracie could do with open access.  I can almost hear the sound of breaking glass in the night.

Plus, I kind of like the leaded glass doors now that the insides are brightened up. Plus changing out the hardware helped alter the appearance a lot.

I hadn't planned to put the Kitchen Aid here, but this area provides a high clearance, so it's where it landed.

Next came the yellow clock I picked up at Kohl's on sale to add the pop of yellow I wanted in this room. 

I'd found this quote at Hobby Lobby and it described our journey perfectly so I added it below the shelf on that blank wall.  It is a stick on decal and wasn't horrible to apply, but it had its challenges. 

I also had picked up some removable wallpaper that resembled old wood and decided to try using it as a surface for the hutch to fit in with my vintage farmhouse look.

I'm trying to stay with artificial succulents in my arrangements because they reflect the desert life and are more easily washed.  Remember all that dust in the desert.

This was another first for me and there were some swear words used during the installation.  This is not a good job for when you are tired, the paper seemed to stick to everything but where I wanted it.

Long Live the Queen of Transparency

Friday, December 30, 2016

Bathroom is Done

Finally...a room is complete.

It started with buying a a new shower curtain and then I used the greenish blue color in it to chose a paint color for the cabinets.

New light fixtures were purchased to make the shower rod, and new towel hangers as well.

The hardware was changed to a oiled bronze color as well, ridding the room of all the brassy gold.

Left Brain even used a hammered effect spray paint to paint the fixtures in the tub.

There, that room is checked off our list.  On to the next!

Long Live the Queen

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Sequel to the New and Improved Closet Area

Okay, it was better, but still not working for it was time to change things. Again.

The metal shelving went outside on the deck, since we already have one large metal cage, why not add some more.

Now this holds the refrigerator and provides a place for recycling.

Speaking of cycling, finally Left Brain has a place to hang his sweaty biking gear.

And not to be outdone, I have a place to hang my pickleball bag.

So, to get the materials needed to add some shelves to the storage area, we gutted out the closet in the Arizona room.  This was no easy task and a lot of sweat and swearing went on.

Left Brain borrowed a power saw from our friend Dave and cut them down to the required lengths.

The shelves above house my dollmaking supplies and decorative junk.  This arrangement makes it much easier to pull out the Swifter and vacuum cleaner to keep the floors clean.

Finally the litter box is deeper back into the closet and out of sight and there's more room to move around in the storage area.  I've also started to hang things that will return to Minnesota in the springtime.

The final touch  was adding a tension rod and curtain to block off the view of this room.  Okay, maybe it's just an excuse for another curtain.

Long Live the Closet Queen