Friday, October 13, 2017

New kitchen toys

The remodeling continues and I've wanted to get rid of the old almond colored electric stove for ages. It works, but I really like the smooth top design I used to have.

When I initially looked for induction ranges all I could find were things in the $3000 range and well, let's face it...I don't do enough cooking to warrant that kind of money.

Just when I was ready to order a plain old smooth top electric range I stumbled upon a Frigidaire induction range for $800.  AND I had a 10% off coupon to use before October 31st.

I ordered it online and set up the delivery and was so excited when it arrived...but bummed out when it wouldn't run.  Drat!  It wasn't a problem with the range, it was our plug.  It appears that pulling out the old stove and moving this one in was just too much for the dear old thing and it gave up.

Luckily I am married to a Mr Fix It and Pete went to buy a new box and installed it himself.  Problem solved.

Now I'm a happy camper with my induction range and a convection oven.  Oh the things I can cook now!  Oh..wait, now I suppose I have to actually cook something.   Oh well, it looks lovely.

Long Live the Queen of the Range

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Change of furniture

Left Brain arrived safely on Saturday afternoon and one of the first things I did was drag him to the furniture stores on Sunday to test drive the couch and chairs I'd picked out.

He did not find the couch at all comfortable, and I have to admit I really didn't spend much time sitting on it, but was instead dazzled by it's wonderful features.

After further conversation we decided we really aren't "couch people" and opted to go with two recliners instead.  I liked the dark brown color better than the gray option so we ordered two of these for the Arizona room. 

So, we scrapped the couch and one red recliner, mainly because my friend Sandy wants to sell hers and it would be a lovely reddish brown color to add to my Arizona room.  That and Pete loved it so much when he tried it out we had to force him to leave it with her until they could find a new one.

I stayed with the gray recliners for the other sitting area.

The chairs will be delivered tomorrow, so our recliners and love seat that have been sold need to get hauled out today.

We also went to Lowe's to look at stoves but I couldn't make a decision so went home to research models and brands for a while since that can wait.

Long Live the Queen 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

New Furniture is Coming Our Way

When we moved into our Arizona home, it came complete with furniture and that was all well and good for the time being.  We decided to "sit with it" (pun intended) for a year and then decide what we wanted to replace it with.

I've listed our old stuff on the Carriage Manor post in hopes it will sell quickly and move on.  If there are no buyers here, then I will go to the Shabby Shack which will buy the furniture outright.  They even come and remove it from the great is that?

So, a-shopping I went and found some great new items for our Arizona home.

For the Arizona Room I located a sweet grey couch that makes into dual recliners with a console in the middle. 

The console has reading lights, cup holders, two plug ins and a USB port with additional storage. 

This is power reclining with the adjustable headrests as well, for total comfort while watching the Packers play on TV. 

I really liked this option as it can be a couch for three people or laying down as well as theater style seating for when it's just the two of us.

I wanted a little pop of color in the Arizona room and so this is the red swivel glider recliner I've chosen for the additional seating.  It isn't powered, but the price was nice and it was so pretty and comfortable.

In the park model portion of our abode I went with two grey power rocker recliners.  This will provide the additional seating for watching TV or visiting in that area.  These chairs are only about 31" wide, so will fit into our tight little space and allow for arranging those rooms a couple of different ways.

The large table and six chairs simply has to go, it's a lovely piece but just too large for our space.  This will be replaced with a smaller round table and four chairs.

This is the table I like, but I'm not sure about the chairs.

These are the chairs my neighbor has and they are so comfortable and I think the gray fabric would look nice with the marble gray center of the table.

Part of my effort here is to eradicate all fiber chair coverings from my house and go with leather or leather look for easier cleaning.  Microfiber is just another word for fur magnet and it is next to impossible to keep clean.

I've already purchased a bookcase and matching TV stand with fireplace for the Arizona room and those are in place.
The following are photos off the website and when everything is in place, I'll take photos of entire new room.

photo is from website - not my house

Our little nest will be so lovely!

Long Live the Queen of Her Castle

Thursday, September 28, 2017

New Patio furniture

Summertime is the best time to pick up some sales on patio furniture, so I took advantage of shopping in the heat to snag some deals.

Now we have a nice grouping of four chairs and a little table that doubles as a footstool for our patio.

Long Live the Queen

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

We've added a Hopper and a Joey

It might sound like we've taken in a couple of kangaroos, but it's just an upgrade to our Dish network.

The Hopper will allow us to record up to 16 programs at once, and automatically records all five prime time stations every day.  The part I liked is that it automatically eliminates all the fast forwarding required.

If the program we're watching is "on demand" we can pause live TV.  I have no idea how that works, it just seems like magic to me. It just slid under the TV...whew.

There is a game finder app that I used recently to find the Packer game.  You just click on the name of the game and it takes you to the correct channel.

The Joey is a tiny little box that allows a second TV to be utilized in the same manner.  We went with the wireless version so allow for easy rearranging of the room, no need to connect to a cable.

It's the little things in life that make things easier and fun.

Long Live the Queen of Her Own Remote