Saturday, October 8, 2016

We Have Arrived in Mesa

We got into Mesa on Wednesday and I wanted to take advantage of our extra time that provided.

The first thing I did was contact the real estate agent to start looking at houses on.  She wasn't available on Thursday so I had to wait until Friday.  

On Friday I looked at about fifteen properties in the morning.  By noon it's in the mid nineties here and there's no electricity on in these units and thus no AC, so it keeps you moving.  There's a ton on the market right now and some deals to be had, and I vowed to get me one.

Saturday I made invited Left Brain go back to look at more properties with me and see some of my favorite ones.  There are some absolutely beautiful ones for sale, but they were too classy for us.  I mean I'd feel like I had to wear my bra and start using make up to live there. ...and I'm just not willing to go there.

So, we found a property that gave a lot of bang for the buck. They had just lowered the price significantly in September and we knew if we didn't act immediately this would be scooped up in the next month or two when people start arriving for the season.  I am so glad we decided to just come here right away instead of waiting for December.  Things are quiet and the agent had time to work with us right away and that certainly will not be the case soon.

This one has a nice deck and an orange tree with tile on the side for additional parking.  I'm already planning what kind of cactus I want to add to the front. There are five nice storage drawers under the deck and Arizona room.

The realtor just called and told us that the offer was accepted and she'd be in touch in the next day or two to sign papers.  The current owners will be arriving in about a week so we should be able to have them moved out in November and close by the end of November and move in December 1st...if all goes well.  So keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.

It's an older property but has had so many major improvements made like a new roof, dual pane windows, newer water heater and heat pump and granite counter tops.

The kitchen cabinets have all been painted white so will be easy to paint again when I want to create my own look.  I'm envisioning a gray kitchen with some fun color for the walls to make it pop.  Just painting and changing hardware can make such a huge difference.

I want to find just the perfect accent rug for under the dining room table (which I love) to determine the color selections for the walls.  The curtains are simple and lace, which I've always loved.  It gives it a farmhouse feel that suits me, so those will be least for now.  It has been so long since I could decorate that I'm going to enjoy every step of the process.

It comes completely furnished and is packed with tons of storage.  The 729 square feet will feel luxurious after being in a 32 foot RV for almost five years. 

The Arizona room is a bit small, but there is a second half bath with laundry behind this room which makes it nice for when guests come south in the winter.  The first thing to go will be the odd pink lamps...they are just not us.

Larry, you'll still have an air mattress to sleep on (I may spring for a higher larger version now that you're getting older)  but at least you'd have your own bathroom.  And it's even safe to come and visit because we don't have any major projects for you to work on.  You can just golf and relax. Hint hint.

The couch is actually a double recliner, which made Left Brain a happy boy and the little "coffee" table you see to the side is an oversize cribbage board.  I can already envision Emily and Kiersten trying to beat Grandpa on this board.

There is a wall mounted flat screen and little fireplace opposite this.  I'm thinking it needs a floating shelf beneath it to pull the two elements together.  It will be so much fun tweaking everything!

There is a second table in the kitchen area that may be replaced with a desk or sewing table as it has great light.  Or maybe just a small chair and side table for reading or watching TV.  Finally I'll have my own TV and a remote to pick my personal viewing! The little hutch will become a coffee station for Left Brain.

Everything is so nice and bright.  Very few of the units have any electricity hooked up yet and are dark....not this sweetie.

The bedroom is small, they all are in this type of setting, but at least it is a queen size bed and has storage underneath it.  It's all about the storage.  One of the first things I'll be looking for is a Southwestern design bedspread to use as inspiration for the room colors.  

I have so many plans and ideas for how to make this truly "mine" and will certainly be sharing photos with you as we continue on this new crazy journey.

Long Live the Queen of Her Castle


  1. I can't believe you are not making that comforter. Who knows maybe you still will. And pickle ball courts? Where are they?

  2. Yes, where are the Pickleball courts? I thought you missed a major detail in your description! But I do love your new place, I think you will enjoy it so much!

  3. Congratulations! The ideas you share are very fun. This is exciting!

  4. It looks great! You will love having a home again (I'm sure, but how would I know, right?)

  5. Is this going to be permanent winter and Motor home Minn in the summer? We rented some like this in Tucson before we bought our condo in LV. Won't be going west this year as Reen & Mike moved to TN and we sold our condo. Gene is having his knee replaced Nov.1 so waiting till healed to make any plans. Can't wait to see your special touch in this new home....pickle ball court I'm sure!

  6. Oh wow, how beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you and Pete. I'll bet George and Gracie will be thrilled wit their new home too. Everything looks so nice, and I can't wait to see photos of the changes you make. I know you'll be happy here. p.s., I love the orange tree!!! They smell gorgeous in the Spring. Enjoy, my friend. Hugs, Edna B.