Saturday, October 29, 2016

It's the Season for Waiting

There's something about this time of year that invites a sense of anticipation.  It seems very appropriate that many many years ago I was waiting to give birth to my son.  He was due on Halloween but decided to trick me by waiting until November 12th.

And here we are waiting to see when we can get moved into the new place and when the motorhome might sell.  But the phone call this morning put me over the moon...we have a date!

Our closing has been moved up to November 7th and Left Brain had a call from someone who wanted to come over this weekend to see the motorhome.  The calls on this are just starting to roll in as snowbirds are landing at the end of their yearly migration.

This kicked me into high gear and I ran out and bought some packing boxes and a few groceries for the remaining week while he was out riding his bike.

A packing frenzy soon developed as items came out of  cubby holes and odd spots to be encased in a box with a label and tucked into the storage shed.  We just got the key from our landlord today, so that was perfect.  Now when we show the motorhome this weekend it will look very open and spacious, not to mention cleaner than it's been for a long time.

I've had some great diversions during this time of uncertainty and have been grateful for the welcome distraction they provided.

My first outing was with Ingrid, a friend made on the road and who continues to full-time with her husband.  We met at IKEA for some shopping, planning and lots and lots of talking.  We both arrived too early and ended up meeting at a McDonald's nearby, but that part was not planned.  She had just left there and I was just arriving when she honked the horn and then circled the block to park next to me.

It was a fabulous and informative visit as she has a wealth of information about real estate and how to rehab houses.  We talked color plans and like a good friend will, she stopped me from making purchases that I would have regretted.  It's nice to have someone protect you from yourself.

We're already planning another visit later on when we get moved into the new place.  She's curious about our purchase and the 55+ park lifestyle, even though she's barely old enough to qualify. 

We also have full-timing friends Pam and Rob coming into the Mesa area early November and will meet them for lunch and catch up with their adventures on the road.

Halloween will bring us together again with Ginny and Norm for lunch and more planning strategies.

I also have a high school classmate that will be near the area this winter and hope to connect with Linda and catch up with her.

I've been hungry for community and connecting with people and now it's all beginning to happen and I couldn't be happier.

Now as soon as the motorhome sells, Left Brain will let go a sigh of relief and then all will be well.

Long Live the Queen


  1. I had a blast meeting up with you and so very excited things are coming along with your new transition. Hopefully I'll see you again soon. Happy packing :-)

  2. I'm so glad you got an earlier date. Start packing, girl! You have a new adventure about to begin!

  3. Be sure to check out to see if there is a camera club...I joined one when we were at Rincon East and totally enjoyed it. I resigned from the LACC as Gene is having his knee replaced on Tuesday and I can still drive but can't get around after I get somewhere! I can't get my wheelchair out or even a walker and I can't hold on to Gene when he's using it! Maybe I should invent twin walkers...never thought of that! Besides, into digital fine art now as you may see on FB...definitely wouldn't pass in LACC!

  4. I'm so happy for you. Moving into a new home is soooo exciting! Traveling around the country was such an awesome adventure, but I agree, there's no place like my own little home. I just know you folks are going to so very happy. Have a super day my friend. Happy Halloween!!! Hugs, Edna B.