Wednesday, November 2, 2016

One Step Closer

Well, we get a little closer each day.  After bleeding our savings account as dry as ....well the desert...we went in today to sign copious amounts of paper.

Next Monday we'll meet our agent at 9:00 AM to do a final walk through and after the title is recorded we will receive the keys.  Yup...we have to wait for that little step.  Things are done differently here in Arizona and until it's recorded there are no keys. She shared some horror stories of moving trucks pulling up at 8:00 AM and having to wait until 4:30 PM to get the keys.  Thankfully we have our rent paid until November 30th so can take our time hauling stuff over there.

They are not foreseeing that kind of problem with us since it's still before the major rush of house buying and early in the month.  She figures within an hour of the walk through we should be able to get the keys and start moving in. Not that that doesn't mean I haven't had boxes in our trunk for weeks now.

Things on the motorhome sale are looking better as well.  We showed it Tuesday to a couple from Canada shortly after I got back about 3:00 from playing pickleball.  I was greeted by Left Brain with a "thank goodness you're back, they'll be here in half an hour".  It's amazing how fast we can clean the place up and still manage a shower.

Today the man here in the park that has shown interest came back over and made an appointment to have us show it again to his wife.  He "almost" has her talked into it.  She's concerned about where everything will fit.  That's my specialty and I think I can ease her mind at how much room this baby has.  So, keep your fingers and toes crossed that we have a potential sale.  

I've told Left Brain a long time ago that it will sell between Nov 19 and 26th, but maybe it will be even sooner.  I don't know how I know these things, I just do.  He's still worried, even though he's experienced my silent knowing for over thirty years now.

He's even been joining me for walks through furniture stores to look for ideas, but often asks "what is it we're looking for?" during the process.  Men just don't seem to understand, so I explained it in terms he could's the thrill of the hunt.  Now he gets it but made it clear I could probably continue hunting alone since I enjoy it so much more.

I'd heard of a thrift store that was near the title company, so we went there first.  He was surprised at how nicely everything was displayed.  I wasn't since I'd been to the website and did the virtual tour.  Lots of great bargains there just waiting to be had.  It will also be a place to donate items if they don't go at the patio sale.

Tomorrow we'll take a day off and meet up with some full-timing friends for lunch and just catch our breath before the frenzy begins.

Friday is the Welcome Back dance at the park we're moving into.  I got a table for eight when we first arrived and quickly filled it with people I already know.  I figure it will be a good way to meet some more people in the park.

It's finally happening and I am over the moon!  My cousin Shayna has already moved into her new house and has painted her cabinets and fireplace, so I have some catching up to do.

I'll post when I can.  I don't recall when our internet here expires and it's so bad I don't want to renew for any further time, so there may be a gap until we are in the new place....where we will have direct input to internet and it should be much faster and more reliable than anything we've had for years.  Wow, just that and the thought of a flush porcelain toilet and I'm giddy with joy.

Long Live the Queen


  1. I guess for that duo commode it's what they call joined at the hip. You two will feel you are living in a mansion.

  2. I am so happy for you! Leave him at home and enjoy the leisurely pleasure of browsing for your new home!

  3. Goodness, things are moving right along. I'm so happy for you. Enjoy your shopping, and happy flushing to you. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. We think your new place is just beautiful, very bright and roomy! You are very blessed to have found such a georgeous place. Isn't it fun!!!! We are renting a house in Fl for four months this winter and will start giving some serious thought to downsizing. Unfortunately we are not getting any younger and a two story house doesn't really work real well. We are enjoying your exciting venture!😺