Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hardwood Floors and Carpet

I love the look of hardwood floors and they are easy to clean up, but you just need a little carpet here and there to anchor things.

The first time I spied this area rug I just knew I had to have it.  It is a subtle southwest them in muted colors.  

I tried it under the table first, not an easy job wrestling that two ton oak table on to it, let me tell you!  After getting it in place the way I envisioned it, I thought it might look better running the other way.  Back into the ring for round two.

Left Brain tried to like it, but said it was too hard to slide his chair in and out, so would I please relocate it.

No problem.  The joy of having this kind of space is being able to rearrange furniture and move things around, something I have sorely missed in the motorhome.

So, the third round had it by the two chairs in what was the dining room.  These are the chairs that came with the house and were in the Arizona Room.  When I eventually get my own TV in here, it will be a sweet spot to sit and enjoy my shows.

But then I found this rug for my sitting area since it was in keeping with the gray and yellow theme in this area, so round four finds the rug in the entry way...see the first photo.  Man, this rug gets around more than I do!

I think the rug here makes it look very cozy and inviting. Ignore the rest of the mess going on here, just focus on the rug.  Hmm. Now that I see it this way, I'm liking the other one back here and maybe this will have to go into the entry room.  Oh well...that's a project for another day.

Long Live the Queen of Rug Wrestling


  1. Absolutely gorgeous rugs, no matter which you decide to put where. I think both of them are really nice.
    I can imagine that after all that wrestling around you were ready to plop down for a rest.. But good job.
    I am so glad your enjoying your new home. Beth

  2. Love the rugs love you love the new room in your rooms love your storytelling. Hugs.😻🌀😻