Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Catching up with the blog

After what seems like months of searching and waiting to get into the house, now it seems that the days are not long enough.  But, I'm not complaining...we're in and life is good.

Here is what our side yard looked like while waiting for the Salvation Army truck to arrive and haul it away.  One of the neighbors thought it was our stuff waiting to go into the house.  Keep in mind that a lot of was already given away or thrown out before this photo was taken.  There were also more things added to the pile before the pick up.

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, but the most noteworthy accomplishment is that the motorhome has been sold.  It was great to see an infusion of money coming back into the bank accounts again.  The stress of having that off our backs has made us both sleep much easier.

When Left Brain went to deliver the title and show the new owner how to do some of the things, he was concerned about how he might feel.  He expected to have some pangs of nostalgia and maybe get a little misty eyed at the end of an era of full-timing.

He chuckled as he told me how he walked through the motorhome before meeting the new owner and his main thought was "how in the hell did we live in this for five years?".  Apparently he's enjoying the increased space as well.

We've both resumed our normal life of biking (him) and playing pickleball (me) in the mornings and leaving the afternoons to working on the house.

There have been many alterations to our living space and those will be covered in future blogs.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Congratulations on selling the motor home. I can appreciate a certain amount of nostalgia but to know that you actually have room to breathe, and turn around and stretch has to mean a lot. We lived in a small one when a flood came thru and demolished our house. For 6 months that little camper was home and it was so hard to be able to do anything. Especially cook. A good thing that it was summer at the time and we were able to grill outside and eat a lot of cold foods.

    Have a wonderful time getting everything the way that you want it and back into your routines. Every day will be better and better... Beth

  2. Keep up the Pickleball. We were in Winona today.🌀