Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gifts Magically Appear

When we sold the house to start full-timing I made sure my cousin Shayna got all the family heirlooms since she is the historian.  Now that we've settled and I have this great kitchen area I was kind of wishing I had a couple of those things back.

Then much to my surprise a box came in the mail...from Shayna. Could she read my mind?  I don't know how she managed to find the time to send this as she is in the same process I'm in, except she's painting cabinets, removing carpets and accomplishing much more.  Well, she is younger and more talented.

I couldn't believe it!  In the box was the orange juice container I remember as a child, along with the glass juicer.  I have such fond memories of these things and to have them back with me in my new little home was just too much.  Darn you Shayna, you're going to make me cry!

Since the new owner of our motorhome had given us a bag of lemons, I set to washing and juicing them immediately.  I could almost feel my Grandmother's hands over mine as I squeezed each lemon and a chill went up my spine.  Then I proceeded to make a batch of what was possibly the worst lemonade ever created.  Ok, I'll need to try that again later.

We have a grapefruit tree in our front yard and I can't wait to try squeezing some of these to enjoy as well.

Long Live the Queen with the Best Cousin in the World


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Pete and your fur babies. Isn't it nice to be a part of family even when family isn't around? Well, you know what I mean. Gosh, can you imagine how wonderful it could be if everyone could learn to be part of an extended family? Anyway, I'm very thankful for having friends like you. I love this holiday too, and I hope your day is wonderful. Hugs, Edna B.

    p.s. I remember having a juicer and juice bottle like yours when I was growing up. What a lovely memory.

  2. Memories can be now. Love your sharing.🌀