Saturday, November 26, 2016

My First Furniture Purchase

We have a yahoo group in Carriage Manor where you can advertise items for sale or give away, ask questions, get advice, etc.

I spotted the ad for two dark brown Lazy Boy recliners and called right away.  Left Brain was out biking, so I wasn't able to get his input on the decision so I just took off to go see them.

Since our couch is dark brown, this would go nice in the Arizona Room.  The couch is a wall-hugger double recliner that is motorized.  You push a button on the side and the feet go up...sweet.

On the way home I picked up some groceries for supper and when I returned he was back from his ride.  He asked what I bought and I casually replied I had some zucchini...and two recliners.

Our initial thought was we'd just get rid of the two chairs that came into our lives, but we reconsidered this and decided to shuffle some tables around instead.  Three tables?  Who needs three tables?  The previous owners entertained a lot and had card parties.  We're boring and don't do this kind of thing.

So, the small table by the window went outside on the deck.  This is where it started out.

This is where it sits on the deck now, right next to the cat cage.

The table on the deck (see photo below) ended up being given to Salvation Army since no one wanted it.

The dining room table is actually oversize for our needs but it's so pretty we had to keep it.  This is where it was originally.

But we decided it needed to come into the dining room and would become a computer workstation instead.  The built in china hutch now stores all our office supplies, papers, pens, etc.

Man, it is so much fun to shuffle things around and make it work for our lifestyle.

Long Live the Queen of Furniture Shuffling


  1. Poco a poco it will become yours...

  2. Ohhh what a fantastic time you had of re-shuffling. I would have taken the table in a heart beat but live way to far to have collected it. Hopefully the Salvation Army will be able to find it a great home.
    I love the way that you gradually dropped in "2 recliners" in your response to Left Brain. How fun to do that.
    Your home is really becoming yours. I love your work station. It is very nice indeed.
    Have a wonderful day. Beth

  3. Well done. Your humble abode looks so bright and attractive.🌀