Friday, December 30, 2011

Landed safely in Texas

Life on the road makes you aware of several things - like how quickly your body functions will dictate your standards.  We were cruising along the interstate and wishing for a nice restaurant to show up for lunch.  After driving along and finding nothing, our goals shifted to anything showing up.  Finally we came across a McDonald's and were thrilled to see it.  It's amazing when your bladder is full and your gas tank is empty how your values will shift.

At the motel last night there were several large stray dogs wandering about.  The one looked very much like a dingo to me - a bit spooky. Normally I'm not fearful of dogs, but when you have a large black and white cat sitting on your shoulders going into the's a bit disconcerting.

It inspired a strange dream for Left Brain, not unusual for him, but this one had consequences...for me.  Apparently (at least this is his story) he was dreaming that he was walking across the parking lot with She Devil and was attacked by a large lion wearing a harness.  Okay, we did go past a billboard advertising exotic animals at one place that served as a tiger sanctuary, so that may have inspired part of that dream. In protecting our fluffy bundle of joy he found it necessary to punch out the aforementioned lion.  I woke with a start as he punched me in the shoulder.  Thank goodness I wasn't facing him.  Maybe we should have opted for the double beds.

I think it was retaliation for the night previous to that when we "had words" shall we say about where to park for the night.  He became very frustrated and asked me "Well, where do you WANT me to go?".  I'm sorry.  But if a man is going to leave himself wide open like that, what's a girl supposed to say?

My Facebook comments have been talking about 1 - 3 inches of snow in our home area.  I've already forgotten what that looks like.  I had to switch from my sweats to a light weight t-shirt because it's too warm down here.

We finally managed to find a Best Western for the night, and even though they have a no pet policy when I explained how absolutely well behaved She Devil is she allowed us to stay.  Perhaps she was afraid I would start crying right there in the lobby...and it was a possibility.  I tend to go numb after several hours of wearing the heavy furry neck pillow named She Devil.

So, we're in for the night and after a lovely meal (gag) at the Huddle Inn next door with lakes of brown gravy covering everything we're snuggled in for the night.

Long Live the Queen of the Road

We will get into our RV park tomorrow, one day ahead of schedule. I called to see how to handle this ( we spend the night in another motel or Wal-Mart?).  They said it was no problem and to just come on own.  So, tomorrow should be a four - five hour drive and we'll be able to start setting up the canned ham for our stay.


  1. I'm glad you got there safely. I understand how circumstances can change our values. After a day or two of not eating very much, I'll go out and buy roast beef if it will get Tootsie to eat something. I don't even buy that for me! Happy New Year my friend. Stay safe and have a fantastic vacation. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Before hitting the road again you should visit a book store and pick up a copy of Next lists all kinds of great things by, you guessed,, RV friendly places, restaurants, etc. And it's listing by state.