Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day two

The day began with a belligerent She Devil, but what's new about that?

I've always dreaded the day I might find a dead cat but my worst fear was having to fish around under a bed in a motel for one.  Actually, I have a general rule never to look under a motel bed at all, but she made me do it today.  She decided the high road was not the life for her and sequestered herself under the bed.  Sigh.  Thankfully she was reachable by laying on the floor (another thing I don't normally do in a motel) and retrieving her by grabbing the scruff of her neck and sliding her out, along with various dust bunnies.  Yuck.

She then serenaded us most of the way through Missouri and into Kansas.  No amount of holding and attempts to feed and provide water seemed to soothe her.  Finally she just got bored with the spoiled brat routine and crawled into her bed in the back for a good long nap.

She does seem to like this motel room better - maybe she just likes Oklahoma better.  Okay, maybe it's just having a belly full of tuna and a good drink of water.  I guess tonight we'll have to let her pick what channel to watch.

We spotted an Indian cafe truck stop while gassing up, so headed over there.  At first I thought it said something about Indian roadkill cafe, but I'm sure I misread that.  I got the chicken curry and selected Tandoori for Left Brain.  Let's say it was not a big hit with him.  She Devil couldn't get the Tandoori fast enough and I liked my curry chicken, although after the first bite I lost feeling in my tongue so it's hard to really say if it was good or not.

Good night y'all.
It's now time for bed to prepare for another fun filled (hopefully quieter) drive tomorrow, which should take us into Texas.  We're getting closer and closer.

Long Live the (burp) Queen of Curry

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  1. What a great photo of She Devil in her blanket. She looks so comfy!! I meant to ask if you had checked into getting her meds filled at Costco or Walmart. That's how I do Tootsie's, and it saves a bundle of money. 15 pills at the hospital is $28 versus 90 pills (three month supply) at Walmart for $10.

    Enjoy your trip, and travel safely. Hugs, Edna B.