Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So much to do...so little time

I've been neglecting my posts lately due to the art/craft show I held in my home over the weekend.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Pushing all the furniture around and stashing a good deal of it in the bedrooms seemed like such fun as I transformed a basic Midwestern home into an art gallery.

I enjoyed the show, especially visiting with the artists and customers but there were some challenges.  And her name is She Devil.

To make this event possible it was necessary to sequester her in one of the bedrooms during the day to prevent her from hissing at and biting the customers...definitely not good for business.  I see it as a little vacation get away...she saw it as jail time. 

Now mind you she had her running water fountain, her two favorite dry cat foods, her wool rug and comfy pillow and as much tuna and lunch meat as she desired.  But, it wasn't her idea and she wasn't happy.

I knew she was not pleased with me when right before her jail term...I mean, vacation get away she would use the litter box and leave an extremely foul odor in the room.  This was done in the living room box, of course...not in the one in her room.  To add insult to injury she managed to work up a cling-on that dropped in the middle of the floor.

While in her little bungalow for the day she managed to "miss" the huge over-sized litter box the size of Montana and pee right in front of it.  But, I'm wise to these tricks and have puppy pads there for this purpose.  So, she managed to get revenge on me.

Wait a minute!  I'm an indoor cat...how is this happening?
I got my revenge the next Monday with a trip to the vet for blood work to check on her diabetes and to express her anal glands.  Later that night we learned how to frame a photo on Photoshop and so I put her into a blinding snowstorm with a nice frame.  Take THAT She Devil!

Long Live the Queen of Feline Sanitation Services

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