Thursday, December 15, 2011

Photos from the home show

The home show was a blast, albeit more work than I want to tackle again for a long time. 

Here are some photos from the show.

This is Alexa with Tony, her new love.

She seems to have been taken by him and has developed some animalist habits....not good.

I'm sure her mother will have words with me about this new romance.

But then again, she is a teenager, so who knows what prompts these hissy fits.

But now they seem to be quite in love again.

Although she does look at bit startled by his sudden kiss.

You just never know when a tiger is going to pounce.

This is a photo of some of Jolene's wonderful glass dishes that she makes.  She was great fun to add to our mix of artists and her husband baked the most incredible pasties for us to enjoy.  I think we were supposed to be sharing with the customers, but....

There were some slow moments during the show - but these were enjoyed by the artists as well.  Here we have Linda and Jolene sharing a beading lesson. I'm not sure who's teaching who but it did give me some little flashbacks from Kindergarden. 

But nobody ran with scissors and all played well, so it was okay.

Rick came by to help with the set up and take down, but disappeared during the show.  Smart man.  Here he is with his buddy, Little Ricky. 
The similarity is uncanny. 

 I'm never sure which one is the dummy.

Long Live the Queen of the Exhausted

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