Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

It was a quiet Christmas here in our mixed household.  

This is an old photo of She Devil when she was but a wee little kitten.  She loved to climb up into the tree.  Much like the animated cartoon of Simon's Cats doing this.

We had lunch at the Bamboo House with our neighbors (another mixed couple).
They surprised me with a wonderful Christmas gift - the matzoh cover that had come from his mother.  Now I will have to have a Seder and invite them over - that will be fun.

Left Brain and I had planned to shop at Wal-Mart while waiting until 4:00 for our next movie, Mission Impossible...but it was actually closed.  This made me feel good - it really shouldn't be open, but it was still surprising to see it shut down.  So we went home and I got more laundry and chores done.

The movie was okay, it provided the entertainment and was pretty non-stop action, but I tend to get lost in these kinds of things.  It seemed like an opportunity for Tom Cruise to show off his muscles and run a lot.

The Packers have just won their game and I'm tired of cleaning out old photos from my hard drive, so off to bed we go.

Long Live the (yawn) Tired Queen

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  1. Ours was a mixed family too. But that only made it more interesting and fun. Both our families got to enjoy each other's festivities. After playing Santa to all the dwarfs (tenants), Tootsie and I had a quiet breakfast, opened our presents and played a while. Then it was nap time because I had to be back at work again tonight. All in all, it was a very nice day. We even had a few snow flakes. You have a great night now. Hugs, Edna B.