Monday, December 5, 2011

Cooking adventures with the electric pressure cooker

This has certainly become my new favorite way to good, but there are a couple of glitches to overcome.  With me...not it.

I prepared stifado for supper and modified the recipe a bit.  It called for veal and I just can't use that due to the cruel abuse of the animals to provide this meat, so I used beef stew pieces.  In hindsight I realize now I should have cooked it a little longer as it's tougher than veal might be, but...oh well.  Life and learn.

This recipe was thrilling for me on many levels.  First of all, it required more than my usual two spices...salt and pepper.  Then it needed dry vermouth and red wine vinegar.  I've not cooked with booze before, I generally prefer to sip on a drink while cooking...not put it into the recipe.

The first step went smoothly as I used the browning cycle to start the meat, then the saute cycle to cook the chopped onions and all those herbs.

Then I added the tomato, bay leaf and cinnamon stick with the meat for the high pressure cooking and went to watch TV while supper was being prepared.

After a while I realized I had not remembered to push the start button. I have to do everything?  So I started the process again to cook for the required nine minutes.  After this part was done I added the one pound of tiny whole onions (I didn't even know you could buy this in the freezer section) and set for one more minute.

I usually use the quick release method, which is great fun because it sends a blast of steam up into the air.  However, this time it asked for the natural release method that takes about 15 - 20 minutes for it to reduce steam slowly.  So supper got a little delayed that night, but when the lid released (which it will only do when it's safe), the aroma was incredible.

With some orzo I prepared in the steamer, I scooped it up and served Left Brain a wonderful supper.  Yum!  I love stifado!

Long Live the Queen under High Pressure

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  1. Now you've done it. It's only 8:45 am, and I'm hungry for supper. Your recipe sounds yummy. I'm not the biggest fan of cooking these days, but it's starting to sound like fun. I just might try one of these cookers. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.