Thursday, November 24, 2016


We have so much to be grateful for in this season.  A new home, the sale of the RV, good friends, family and good health.  It's something we try to be mindful of each day and I love this holiday for the concept of giving thanks. Period.

Sure there's a lot of food and fellowship,as well as football...and that makes it even more special.  But the lack of media hype makes it my favorite holiday of all time.  No gifts to buy and wrap, no frenzy to get it all done, no cards to mail.  It is the least fussiest of all holidays and I believe that less is more.

We will miss being with our kids on this day, but will enjoy the time with the family here in the park, both by blood and by friendship.

I put this little decoration up on our entry shelf to remind me to always give thanks.

There isn't a ton of space when you first enter the Arizona room, but I needed to have someplace to hang my purse and keys when I come home.  Home...that sounds so good.

Left Brain put this up for me and now we have a spot for keys, purses and a little shelf above for seasonal decoration and holding our new calling cards.

Long Live the Queen of Gratitude and Attitude


  1. Being Thankful for family and friends really makes it a wonderful Holiday and your right, Less is More. We did less this year and still had so much food and a lot to be Thankful for. I love your shelf with your sign. It is perfect.
    My son called from Wisconsin, may daughter and grandchildren called from California. The rest of my family was together, my 2 sons, my daughter, son in law and both fur babies. My Cisco and her Foxy. (She is so bad, she had to have time outs lol).

    I am so glad that you received your juice jar and juicer. Isn't it awesome when gifts that you think are completely gone reappear? Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. I am off to scrap some pages and relax today... Beth