Friday, October 14, 2016

Moving right along

We were able to meet up with our neighbors from Ham Lake yesterday for lunch and had some good Chinese food and lots of conversation.

Afterwards they took us to their house and I took it all in with my newly trained eyes that are attuned for real estate.  It is drop dead gorgeous...and HUGE.  I think our RV would easily fit inside their master bedroom, closet and bathroom area.

They have graciously offered the house to our kids for their use over the holiday break and I'm thinking we're going to tell them it's a real dump and we'll let them stay in our park model and we'll make the sacrifice and live there for the duration. I wonder if they'd fall for it.

During our visit with them we received a scam call from an outfit wanting to charge us $299 to handle all the credit checks and arrange for people to see it, yada yada yada.  Thank goodness Ginny had her little notebook going and with my ability to speed read we quickly figured them out before we got too far.  They found our info on Craigslist and contacted us to make a deal that sounded too good to be true.  And when that happens all kinds of red flags were going off in our minds.

Thursday I met with a friend from La Crosse and had lunch with her and one of her employees at Crackers & Co.  Yes Marti, the same place we met you and Bob a couple of years back.  This was a place Linda chose, so it must be the place people from Wisconsin go to eat.

I finished up my shopping on the way home and we went over to meet up with the guy doing the inspection on our new home.  

Well, other than the fact the water heater is leaking and the plumbing should all be redone...oh and the floor bows in the middle and needs to be re-leveled...all is looking good.  I was a bit concerned until the inspector said it was one of the better properties that's he's been out to see and he's done 60 of them so far this year as there appears to be a big turnover going on.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it when revisiting it, but I love it even more...there's so much storage!  Now it's getting hard to wait until we can close and move in.  Why is there always someone on our property?

The current owners are due to arrive any day now and will have to deal with the water heater since they'll be living in it until mid November.  The plumbing was not deemed to be critical and could wait for a year or two, but he suggested doing it to avoid future problems.

Friday we stopped at the office to pick up forms we'll need to have ready for closing and I signed up for the Welcome Back Dance, which is actually before we move in, but I want to get to know people right away.

The semi annual big park sale is November 19th and I wanted to jump on that in case we inherit things that we want to part with immediately.  We'll have three or four days to sort through stuff quickly before the sale, so I'm proud to say I was the first person to sign up for the sale. When it asked for a description of items for sale I just entered "don't know, haven't moved in yet".  Even if I don't have much to sell, I'll get acquainted with all the neighbors.  I may have to make some mini muffins or cookies to offer in case the sale is a bust.

My calendar is filling with dates for the new place and neither of us really wants to attend anything here in the park we're staying in since it's such a short duration.  I'll continue to play pickleball at the indoor facility until the end of the month at least and if it cools down I'll join some friends at Carriage Manor as their guests until we are official residents. 

Oh how much easier life will be once we're settled in both places, but I have to admit I'm enjoying the rush of excitement as we embark on this new path.  I'll enjoy it more after the RV sells and we have the use of that money for our new ventures.  

We wandered around the Mesa Swap Meet today and checked out some small scooters and golf carts that might be handy for when we move in.  I only bought a small pliers and a little wire basket for my farmhouse decorating them in the Arizona house.  

It's a fun time for sure!

Long Live the Queen


  1. What different canvases to decorate!

  2. I am revved up to follow your new adventure path! Congrats!🌀

  3. Ah, moving in to a new place can be such fun. There are so many wonderful things to do and projects to plan. Have fun, my friend. I'm enjoying it all through your stories. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.