Saturday, October 1, 2016

Arizona Bound...Post Haste

The thrill of the hunt awaiting us finally took its toll and I announced to Left Brain that there was going to be a change of plans.  This is nothing new to him as I'm prone to sudden changes of mind.  Must be that ADD thing.

Since I couldn't watch the buffalo round up anyway we decided to blow through the area and go south down on I-25 through Colorado.

I cancelled our reservation with Palm Creek in Casa Grande and we are sitting high in the mountains of Monument, Colorado right now.  Just over 7,000 feet up...the slightest exertion has both of us gasping for breath.  I can't wait to drop back down to a level I can handle again.

We're taking the weekend to catch our breath (good luck with that plan) and will head out Monday for Mesa AZ and hope to arrive about October 7th. 

First priority upon arrival in Mesa is to clean up the RV and begin the sales campaign.  It will also give us a chance to connect with some friends who are already there and be ready to start the search on Monday.

The real estate agent has been contacted and I've reached out to the man we are renting from in Road Haven to see if we can move our four month contract to October through January.  Being the optimists we are we feel we will be moving into something before February.

Wish us luck!

Long Live the Queen of Transitional Housing 


  1. We lived just south of Monument off Briargate Pkwy for several years. That altitude can sneak up on you. Safe travels :-)

  2. Amazing how often we are doing the same thing!!!

  3. It's okay to change your mind. Gosh, I do it all the time! haha. Travel safely, and I wish you much luck in your search. Have a super evening, hugs, Edna B.