Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The RV is looking a bit more homey

We went to an RV show in Florida recently and there's nothing more satisfying that looking at rigs that cost two or three times what we paid for See-More and liking them less.

Everything about See-More is just perfect for us and our two cats.  But although it's difficult to make a motor vehicle look like a home, I feel I'm getting there.

I found an overly long tension pole at Bed Bath and Beyond to use as my curtain rod and then sewed up some lace panels to make a curtain.

This provides a bit of privacy but allows the sunlight to come in at the same time.

With the curtains in place, the quilted toppers for the chairs and my steering wheel table, it's starting to look more homey.

It was hard to store the extra bedspread, so instead of storing it I've draped it in the front of the dashboard.  This softens the area, makes it look nicer and provides a cushy place for the cats to sit.  It's all about the cats.

Long Live the Queen of Better RV and Gardens


  1. That looks down right inviting ... I say Better RV and Gardens doesn't hold a candle to you. Home is where the heart is, as the old saying goes, and clearly you have put your heart into making this your and Left Brain's home ... and let me not forget the cats, as I am secretly guessing that all of this came about for their sake, but I won't say a word :) You are amazingly creative in so many different ways. I am just plain impressed Queen of Quality Living ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. As I said before, you should write a book on this lifestyle. You have great ideas, and tried and true solutions. Well done.

  3. Back from a sunshine stint in Green Valley Az, I am so glad to have your stories and pictures to catch up on. It is D.... Cold HERE. Congrats on the new bikes. Loved the anhinga pictures....and I HAVE been honored with a personal tour of your RV interior....and pronounce it fabulous...and you keep making it even better, prettier, homier...for yourselves and the kitties! stay you! pond lois