Friday, January 31, 2014

Migrating Friends

The cold in the Midwest has become unbearable and some of my friends have taken off for warmer places.

The Divine Miss M headed west and has landed safely in Las Vegas to enjoy some much needed warmth.

Chaseburg Mama hopped a plane after finding a place in Scottsdale AZ to rest and recover for a week or so.  She introduced me to the concept of "couch surfing" but I have not yet felt brave enough to attempt this.

You find someone on the couch surfing website that has a place to lay your weary head, make contact and then meet up.  It would be just my luck to try it once and get the only serial killer out there on the site.  Maybe I need to cut back on some of the TV shows we watch.

It wasn't until today I learned a lady we had traveled with to Egypt was on Fort Myers Beach but is heading back already to Wisconsin.  Rats!  It would have been such fun to see her again.

Miss Edna will be heading to Florida sometime in March, I'm hoping to see her again as we pass through on our way back north.

We plan to meet up with Jim and Kathy in Naples early February.  They have a campsite next to us in Minnesota and we met last year.  It will be nice to see them down here and then again in Minnesota next summer.

Hopefully we'll get to meet Andrea from the Sol when passing through the Chicago area.   She's another blogger I've met online, but have not seen in person.

It's a wonderful crazy world with people running around here and there and such a delight when our paths cross from time to time.  It's hard to say goodbye to the friends you've made, but there's always the anticipation of who you might meet up with next.

Stay warm and stay safe my friends!

Long Live the Queen of Fun Friends


  1. Oh boy! I love that picture of the gals dancing!!! It's so happy, it warms my heart. I know the feeling of meeting up with both old or new friends. It's something wonderful to look forward to. I haven't meet Andrea in person either but maybe one day I'll hop a plane for Chicago. Who knows? I'll be in Fla the first two weeks in March. I just can't wait to leave this cold behind. You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  2. We're getting a reprieve mid Feb to Tucson, AZ and San Carlos, Mexico. Can't wait.

  3. andrea from de sol seems like a sweetheart.