Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moving further south

The family has returned to Minnesota after their visit and are adjusting to the colder temps up there.  We were scheduled to stay another two days in Bill Frederick Park, but the weather was cool there also with rainstorms, so our plans were altered.

We decided to head to North Ft Myers right away in hope it would be warmer.  This was a park I found online that was affordable in southern Florida and had no reviews at all...that was scary.  

As is our custom, we looked for a late lunch on the drive down.  We've found that it's nice to have a good meal under our belts shortly before we check in to start the set up process.  When you're setting up and hungry and thirsty it tends to make a person downright cranky, so we try to avoid this.  It also makes supper a snap because we're not hungry and just having a snack is fine.  Perhaps ice cream as well, but it was too cold right now.

Finding a spot to eat is always a challenge when you're in an RV and towing a car.  There may be many places offering food, but there isn't always a spot large enough to fit us in for parking.

I spotted what looked like a restaurant and we pulled in and found a nice spot in the back to park, allowing us to exit by driving around the building.  Perfect!   It was an Italian restaurant and a huge group was entering just before us.  Rats.  But the waitress asked if we wanted to give our order at the same time she took drinks to get our order in ahead of them.  I liked this lady.  

After finishing most of our pizza, we had her pack up the remainder in aluminum foil and a bag instead of the customary big and bulky container and we headed on to our future home.  

The minute we drove in I could sense why the price was so good, but we'd already put $150 deposit down so I paid for a month and we can explore the area and perhaps find somewhere else to relocate.  We have full hookups, it's quiet and appears to be safe, so for now it's good.

The cats are happy anywhere they can run around in their little tent and although it was chilly they enjoyed romping after being cooped up hiding behind the couch during the drive.

We will explore the park more today, get our maps and mail box key and then search the area to get our bearings.  I researched some of the alternate places in the area and it's frightening what they charge here.  I miss the west...things seem so much more reasonable.

Long Live the Queen of RV Resorts


  1. I'm sorry that it's cold in Florida, but this Artic Freeze has hit every state in the country. Hopefully, it will be getting warmer soon. I surely hope so because it won't be long before Pogo and I travel South to Florida and we like warm and sunny best. Maybe after a few days, your new park will offer some redeeming qualities after all. Our temps are already up to about 22F. Woo Hoo!! You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Glad you had a nice visit with your family and my heart goes out to you leaving your purse at the restaurant. I know well that sinking feeling when you realize you don't have it ... the thoughts racing through your head of having to call the credit card companies and replace all of the cards after they concel your current ones and then there is the replacing of all of the insurance cards and notifying SS that your card may be being used by someone else. That doesn't include all the things you can't replace ... all just because you had a brain fart and left your purse behind. Oh my ... thank God it was there for you when you went back. As for your new home ... I found when we were going down there that there are a lot of areas that look run down or impoverished. I don't think Florida is a rich state ... either that or there is a huge inequality between the rich and everyone else. If you park in a weathy area you will pay wealthy prices, so you probably are doing well ... and if the people are nice you might well be in the best place. I know I am yapping ... can you tell I have been shut in the house for days with below "0" temps :) Glad you are at least staying in a place where you can go outside without ten minutes of layering, coats and scarves and gloves and then having to put boots on your dog and even a coat for a few days and vasoline on her nose and my face .... UGGGG! So I don't feel sorry for you that it is cool in Florida ... that will pass, as will our Artic Vortex and life will get back to normal (I can only hope) So be safe, be warm and enjoy Queen of warmer places.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. I guess that's why I hate making reservations at a place I've never seen....I like to keep our options open. We're in a dive of a park but really enjoying it. I would even come back, but I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone. A month goes by quickly. Yes the prices in FL are hefty having Al and me wondering if we'll ever visit.

  4. Face it you've been spoiled but the truth is No. Fort Myers is not as nice as So.ern Ft Myers. We used to hang out at a manmade lake with a clean sandy beach with nice clean shower rooms and an area to go canoeing. The traffic was always the worst... but tis the season. I heard 80's will be back in Fla on Sat.