Monday, January 27, 2014

Doing the laundry shuffle

Laundry day is always an adventure and so yesterday should have come as no surprise.  I headed off with my backseat full of clothes and anticipated finding several washers open, but nope.  All were full.  But two of the ladies were pulling their stuff out so I was ready to go as soon as the machines were open.  Round One complete.

I went back to the RV and then walked back to the laundry at the appropriate time to put them into the dryers.  All the dryers were full as well now.  Rats!  One lady was pulling her stuff out of one, so I made a quick decision.  I knew there were some clotheslines at the back of the park so I stuffed the things I wanted into the dryer and went back to get the car to haul the sheets and such for hanging on the lines.  Round Two complete.

Now keep in mind this is getting close to noon and we wanted to attend a movie at 1:15.  My plan was to retrieve the items from the dryer, fold them and leave them in the backseat until after the which time I'd pull the sheets off the lines.  Pretty cool plan, huh?

The plan was trashed when it was time to get going for the movie but the clothes were not yet dry in the dryer.  I had Left Brain join me in a mad dash to the clotheslines.  Plan B  now involved  hanging the half wet clothes on the lines and thankfully there were still enough lines open to do this.  Nothing like dancing around under some strangers underwear while hauling clothes in and out of the car.

With his nimble assistance we got everything up on the lines, and jumped into the car and off we went to the movie.  We saw The Dallas Buyer's Club which has returned to the theaters and has been nominated for several awards.  It's dark, depressing, full of sexuality, nudity and cursing.  But  it was inspirational what this man accomplished.  That's all I can say without ruining it for you.

Our supper plan was to order a pizza on the way home, pick it up and then go retrieve the clothes off the line.  It was a good plan, but apparently all plans today were doomed to fail.  Left Brain does online surveys and gets restaurant coupons as payment.  Kind of a modern day version of "will work for food".  He had a great coupon for Big Mouth Pizza and my taste buds were all set!

I called the number on the paper and they answered "Jim Jim's Pizza".  Huh?  I explained about the coupon and they responded that the business had folded and they were the new owners.  And no...they did not honor those coupons.  Bummer!

So we stopped at the grocery store instead where I picked up a few things to fix for supper.  Upon our return home I dropped him and the groceries off and I zipped back to the clothes lines as it looked as if it may start to rain.

Well, when the air is humid and there's no breeze, clothes don't all.  So I unpinned my two loads of laundry and stuffed it into the basket again and returned to the laundry room.  Thankfully there was one dryer open and I grabbed it.  It was really too much for one load, but it's only half wet...well more like a quarter wet now.

After waiting 40 minutes for it to dry I pulled it out, folded and stuck it into the car to return home.  It was just starting to drizzle when I arrived and I managed to get it under the awning before it got wet...again.

It was so satisfying to finally have this chore accomplished...but I really wished we were having pizza for supper.

Long Live the Queen of the Laundry Day Saga 

PS - No, you're not missing anything...none of the photos have anything to do with the post I just felt like sticking them in there.


  1. You went through a lot to get your laundry dried and folded. I have very little patience left in my tender years, so I might not have made out so well. It does bring back memories of many years ago when I had to take my clothes to a laundramat. It was such a chore, but a welcome one. Before that, I washed everything in the sink or tub and hung it out to dry on the line. I found your photos quite interesting, especially the pink one. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Some days there's pie, in your case...and some days there isn't. Gee, I thought the anole at the top was doing the laundry shuffle! I liked the pictures anyway.