Friday, February 25, 2011

Hoodwinked Again

I've seen some interesting men down here….some scarier than others…but always interesting.  First there was having a Seminole Indian in full costume as I left the canned ham one day and then seeing a pirate waiting for the bus.    And then there’s Left Brain, of course, who’s always interesting to me.

We passed a sign yesterday advertising William Slicker – attorney at law.  I thought that was an unfortunate name for a lawyer and could imagine all the Slick Willy insults he must endure.  It was right up there with finding a urologist named Rusty Dick.

We went recently to a manatee viewing station and yes, we could see there were many manatees in the water, but it's hard to get a good photo since they are, well...underwater.  But I did notice a guy working high up on top of the smokestack.  So, this is my photo of a man-at-ease.

But yesterday I was treated to a real pleasure.  A man winked at me.  When you reach a certain age (it varies for everyone) you notice that men don’t do this anymore.  The young men call you ma’am and the baggers offer to help you to your car.  Do I really look that old?  Have we been on vacation too long?  That’s the plus (or minus) of not having a mirror in the canned ham.  I know I’ve startled myself occasionally when using a public restroom, but I thought it was just because I forget what I look like.

It’s hot – I’m tired and yes, I’ve let myself “go”.  But I still haven’t gone shopping at Wal-Mart in my swim suit or pajamas…yet.  I fear that if we stay down here much longer, that may happen, but only if I have an attack of insomnia and do my shopping at 3:00am – then it seems to be standard attire and nobody really cares.

I know I used this on
recently but I just like it so much!
Sometimes it doesn’t count….being winked at I mean.  I used to get hit on and winked at all the time when I visited my dad in the nursing home.  Those residents can be just plain frisky sometimes.

But this man made eye contact with me and he appeared to be much younger than I am.  We were driving by and my hair was blowing in the breeze, so all he could see was my face really.  It’s not like those other times when I’d realize I wasn’t dressed.

He was just beginning to straddle his bicycle (a regular one…not one of those  three wheelers) and as he alit on his studly bike he winked at me….and smiled a very sexy little grin.  

I couldn’t wait to brag to Left Brain about my secret admirer.  I turned to him,  my face flushed with a burst of long forgotten estrogen and said “Did you see that!”

He burst my bubble when he admitted that he did notice the man but averted his eyes so as to not cause embarrassment to the him.  Huh?  Some sort of unwritten "man code" I guess.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well” Left Brain replied, “It’s pretty obvious that he hurt himself  landing hard on the bike saddle.”


Well….everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how flawed it may  be.  Left Brain saw it as a wince and a grimace – I prefer to see it as a lusty man overwhelmed by my pure beauty.

Long Live the Queen of Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

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