Tuesday, February 1, 2011

F is for Friendly Folks

We have been at Winterset RV Resort for less than 48 hours and have already met  most of our neighbors and several of the other residents.  Tonight we were blessed with oatmeal raisin cookies as a welcome from our neighbors to the right. thank goodness it was an even amount or we would have arm wrestling for the last one - YUMMY.  It is a very friendly place but nobody invades your space or stays too long.  It’s perfect!

I posted a reply to the R-Pod Nation today who was concerned about putting up her dome tent.  After reading all the fearful discussion in the forums we were apprehensive also, but it goes up in less than 20 minutes and the benefits it provides are well worth it.  It houses a chaise lounge and two other chairs as well as our camper cook stove, toaster oven and additional cooler.  We refer to it as our cabana and I like to think of Left Brain as my cabana boy.  Lately we’ve been humming the tune “the Copa Cabana” so I guess you could stay this is our own coping cabana.  It allows for that little extra wiggle room to be further than six feet apart. 

Oh yeah?

She Devil dozed on her lawn chair most of the afternoon.  Of course, maybe she was just afraid to go to far or speak up due to the rules and regulations of the park regarding cats.  My favorite part is “sustained howling which is audible outside its home by any cat for three (3) minutes or more at any time of the day or night
constitutes unacceptable cat behavior.”  I believe I broke that one myself by laughing as Left Brain read through the half page of possible violations.

We’re only one more quarter away from being able to wash clothes.  Left Brain’s advice was to ask for change at the office, I thought it would be more fun to go shopping and harvest the quarters from our change.  It just goes to show how differently men and women think.

Long Live the Queen and her Entourage!

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  1. I have a tupperware full of quarters. if you can reach this far, you are welcome to them. gosh I am laughing myself to death following your Ham and cat escapades. thanks for sharing. lois