Thursday, February 24, 2011

Confessions about the Skype Test

I've been asked by readers if yesterdays skype test incident was real.

Well, yes and no.  The test itself was real, the flashing incident was not.  I had thought of doing it, but then resisted the urge. I'm quite pleased to know I actually CAN use some restraint in my actions. But knowing the way my life goes, it could have happened.

What was that screaming sound?
Our friend Biker Boy sent a photo of a blue footed boobie in an effort to prove I'm not crazy.  Well, it's probably a tad late for that.  But they do exist and they are blue footed.  I wish now that I had added blue aqua socks to the story.

Left Brain and I were hiking through Fort DeSoto Park and they have these cut out images along the path with historical information.  I just had to have him take a photo of one of the Natives getting frisky.

We received messages from the Lord yesterday.  I realize many of you have been the benefactor of this...but via Fed Ex?  To begin with my neighbor the Lutheran minister is sending me my mail and we are very grateful to him for this.  But to have the box hand delivered to us by Annette Lord?  This was just too much of a coincidence!  We were certain the contents would be mystical and magical...but alas it was the usual bank statements, bills, offers from Charter and seed catalogs.  All of which were opened with glee.  When you only open the mail once or twice a month it's a special event.

Long Live the Queen of the Startled


  1. Ms Startled: hmmnn...this is the same lovely pose I captured in your garden, next to The Skirted One. You could sell photo greeting cards. Loving your imagination. I believe EVERYTHING you say. lois

  2. The flashing incident, true or not, made a wonderfully fun story. And as for the frisky native, I just love it!!!!! Had I known how excited a batch of mail could be, I'd have sent you a whole batch every few days. I get lots of mail including bills and junk everyday, and I would have gladly shared it.

    It's getting close to crunch time here. I'm trying desperately to get all the loose ends tied down before Tootsie and I leave on Sunday morning. When do you have to head home? Here's hoping that when you do get there, all the white stuff will be gone. You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.