Tuesday, February 22, 2011

book reviews and answers to questions

A question was posted asking what I was doing in the men's bathroom at the art museum in yesterdays blog.  Well, let me just say....that's none of your business! 

Actually, I needed to go and there were two doors marked gentlemen.  I figured this was probably part of their humor since I hadn't seen a ladies room.  So...in I go.  Then when I noticed the urinal placed up near the ceiling I started to laugh and just HAD to check out the other one.  the nice lady finally directed me to the ladies room, which was absolutely stunning.

Left Brain is fine with this, I think, I've never really asked his opinion.  Mostly he just pretends he doesn't know who I am.

Anyway...time for the  book reports.  We both just finished reading House Rules and loved it.  If you've ever wanted to learn more about autism and Aspergers, this is both educational and an interesting read, as all her books tend to be.

I had read Jane Eyre and now Left Brain is reading it and enjoying it very much.  I didn't know how he'd like it with the older style of speech, but as he said, he was enchanted by it.  It's an old classic that is timeless and seems to be one of those I'd missed in high school.   He has finished War and Peace, but I haven't tackled it yet.

I just finished The Murderer's Daughters and found it very interesting.  I have to confess that I'd never given much thought to the families of those in jail and how these crimes may have impacted theirs.  It certainly gave me a new perspective and appreciation for that population.

Long Live the Queen of Books  -


  1. You're absolutely right!! It's NOMB! But I am such a curious person that I just had to ask. I am very impressed with the books you two are reading. I enjoy novels like those written by Rosamund Pilcher or her son Robin. I also enjoy my bird and photography magazines.

    Now I'm off to check out some cars. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Have you heard of the "Bloody Jack" series by L.A. Meyer? I'm reading those now and I just love them.