Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book recommendations

I have received a couple of reading recommendations from my followers.

Miss Edna enjoys bird and flower magazines as well as anything written by Rosamund Pilcher or her son, Robin.  I've not checked into any of these and will have to give them a look.

My crazy cousin, Rodeo Girl, likes the Bloody Jack series by LA Meyer.  Knowing her, I imagine it's very good.  Thanks for the recommendations and I'll give them a look.

Keep reading everyone!  We love our Amazon Kindles and find them a perfect way to travel and have something to read at all times.  I usually have two or three books loaded that I read off and on.

If you love reading and want to share this gift, contact your local Literacy Council and ask how you can be a mentor in their program.  This is something I've done back home and I miss my weekly sessions with my student.  It's fulfilling in so many ways.

Long Live the Queen of Books


  1. The best bird book and extremely funny is called "The Bird Year" I think you have to buy it on Amazon because it may be out of print. It's about 3 very different men trying to locate the most birds in the continental America of which there are about 765. I ran into a women doing a Bird Year in Midera Canyon in AZ once and she only had 8 minutes left!!! I just shot some comorants in the middle of the Las Vegas Water can find ducks anywhere! Don't stop your blog when you go home or our vacation will be boooooring!

  2. a book in the hand....I'll check out the recommended reading, after I read the ham blog. :-) lois