Sunday, February 6, 2011

K is for Kings Speech

Left Brain and I escaped the confines of the canned ham and went to see a movie.  He's not usually this agreeable to go to shows, but the rain seems to have put him in a more agreeable mood to go out for a while.  Until we got there and shelled out $13 for tickets and $26 for popcorn and drinks.  The Kings Speech was just incredible - a very powerful and moving film, beautifully shot and an insight into history that I was unaware of.

Now where did he go?  He's been puttering around lately and I can't find the duct tape, so he must have some project in mind.  I know he's been getting really nervous about his editorial coming up on "L Day".  It's just another way of me giving him "L".

She Devil is just beside herself-she got another message from Bill the Cat:

My Dear Divine Devil:
For you I mope.
Please help me cope.
It is my hope.
You won't think I'm a dope
at the end of his rope.
But would you with me elope?

Signed, =^..^= Bill xoxo


This guy is starting to worry me.  We're moving WAY too fast here kitties!

Long Life the Queen of Kitties in Love

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