Thursday, February 10, 2011

O is for OOOPS

Oops, I forgot to post this.  This was from our campsite at the State Park. 

Adding the cabana on to the camper is a lifesaver!  It provides a niced screened in room for sitting and dining, which is all we seem to really do.
It keeps things nice and dry and provides shade from the sun.  Not a problem here, but some parks are out in the open and it will be invaluable there.  It helps us to cope and therefore we call it our Coping Cabana.

our cabana from the back side
 We're really enjoying our setting here in the State Park, it's very quiet and restful.  She Devil loves watching the squirrels who try to get into the cabana until they realize the deadly feline waiting inside.  Well, deadly isn't the best description for an overweight, diabetic cat with no front claws.  But she looks intimidating, as my many cat care friends will attest.  She once held a good sized man captive in the basement(you can call him Al)  because she was on the steps and wouldn't move.  Her reputation preceeds her.

This late breaking news just in!  She Devil has another admirer named Schneider.

Age: 7 years (he may be half her age, but he's hoping she a "cougar".
Occupation: Male model
Hobbies:  sleeping, bird watching, basement monitor
Status:  Never been married
Very dedicated, always on time, likes to rub.   

Long Live the Forgetful Queen


  1. coping cabana. hilarious. love she devil updates.
    love hearing what adventures are cooking in the canned ham. lois

  2. That Schneider sounds pretty interesting. I just love your name for the cabana. Very fitting!! It all looks so "homey" and comfy, makes me long for the warmer temps. Seems like a great setting for some wonderful wildlife photos. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.