Thursday, February 3, 2011

H is for Can you Hear Me Meow?

I am known for my love of rearranging things, or as I see it “finding their even more perfect location”.  This drives Left Brain crazy and although he’s pretty understanding about my need to do this, he finds it irritating.  The other day I had moved the coffee cups (again) and he asked the eternal question of “where are they now?”  I told him where their new (temporary) location was and heard him add “You need to tell me when you move things”.  Now I’m sure I mumbled “Like what fun would that be?” quite quietly, but he heard it clear as a bell.  I wish I could tell when he had those hearing aids in.

Heartache or in Heat?

I swear I've never seen She Devil like this before.  She's been mopey and lethargic all day.  Oh wait!  She's a cat, that's pretty normal.  But she seems obsessed with her appearance and I found that she had a glamor shot taken while we were out...where and how I don't know.  I really think we need to take her keys away.

It seems she has been pining for Bill the Cat and waiting for another love note from him.  Who knew how much emotion a neutered 13 year old cat could have? 

1 comment:

  1. My Dear Divine Devil:
    For you I mope.
    Please help me cope.
    It is my hope
    You won't think I'm a dope
    at the end of his rope.
    But would you with me elope?

    Signed, =^..^= Bill xoxo
    { }
    ! !