Friday, February 4, 2011

I is for In Love

OMG!  She Devil is dancing around the room meowing and howling, I had to remind her of the park rules so we don't get evicted.  She received a love note from Bill and is thinking Valentines Day and romance. I think she's actually blushing, I didn't know cats could do that.  She just fell asleep so I had a chance to read the note myself:ev

She Devil, when I read your name I see SHE DEVINE
I have to ask you, will you be mine?
Tuna Breath Bill =^;:^=

Bald is Beautiful!
Now I'm a tad concerned.  This Bill seems like a fast mover to me and pretty smooth with the words.  I'm going to have to keep a close eye on her.  If she keeps cleaning her fur any more she's going to be bald, like Left Brain.  Speaking of him, he will be providing his comments soon with "L is for Left Brain".

Not only do I have this to worry about, but Biker Larry just emailed us that our son called to tell him the Super Bowl party is at OUR house and did he know where we kept the booze.  Hmmm.  Oh well, how much damage could they possibly do?

Long Live the Confused Queen


  1. Sounds like you folks are having just too muuch fun!! We are buried in snow, so I'm jealous of all your sunshine. "I" is also for Internet, without which I too, would be lost. You'll be getting back home just about the time I'll be arriving in sunny Florida. Here's hoping the worst of the snows are gone by the time you get home. My friend's cat also a blog. Next time I leave a comment, I'll try to leave the blog addy for She Devil. (That's the cat, right?)
    Have a great day,

  2. Hi Friends, It's great when two of my funniest friends meet...I'm just not sure how I fit into the picture(not a photo) as my kids think I totally lack a sense of humor. How come for 18 OK 14 years Clean up your room didn't sound funny! Edna, we're leaving for LV on Monday after the Packer's that too political for a blog? I hope I can tune in along the way. Gene wanted to get a thingy to hook up the computer in the car and I said I could live 3 or 4 days without it but now I'm looking so forward to the romance and the rest of the alphabet. Knowing my local photo friend she'll probably advance to aa, bb, cc....OK you get the picture (not a photo). See you in April...your other crazy friend promises to shoot photos with me in LV if I promise to take her to all the good, secret spots while her hubby watches basketball. Do you know there is a nature reserve with great birds in the water department area in LV? They don't print that in the paper...just things to scare you away like loosing your money or something worst. Enjoy!