Saturday, February 12, 2011

R is for Romance

Well, She Devil is just beside herself.  She had met Schneider in the Big Cat Chat Room then she was all excited about him, but he does appear to be a somewhat naughty kitty and is so much younger.

Then this lovely poem and floral arrangement arrived and I think she's in love.

Dear She Devine,

Who is this other guy
courting you, too?
I thought I was first place,
'pparently not true

I heard through the vine
that you're not all mine.
My heart is breaking,
no chances I'm taking---

So here are some flowers
I'm sending your way
In hopes that you realize
my love every day.

I'm now in my basket
Mom thinks I'm sleeping,
But really, my dearest,
I'm actually weeping.

The path to true love
is never easy,
But please don't succumb
To that other guy Sleezy.

Now I hereby declare
a challenge to Schneider:
a duel at sunset
with this old mean spider

He hasn't a chance--
one thrust of my lance
will knock him out quickly
and make him look sickly.

I've been thru the war
fought many a battle,
But now I am done
with this silly prattle.

Forever yours,



  1. Not trying to pick on Pete, but has there been a moment yet where he has tried his hand at predicting the weather? Mostly if it was going to rain, or "I think it's going to miss us" comments.

    I'll play the messages on Monday and relay you what they are.

    Wisconsin is in a bit of a heat wave. Today highs in the 30's and most of next week temps high 30's to low 40's. Sorry to hear the Alligator molestation is frowned upon. Cancel my reservation for next year I guess. Hopefully there's still time for me to return this long trench coat I just bought for that reason alone. Well, gotta get moving here. Heading to my bar to watch Bucky vs. Ohio St. Love, Joe

  2. Oh my, no one has ever written such a beautiful poem for me. Your She Devil is one lucky puddy tat!!! I did try to leave you a comment on the last post, but google was having a bad hair day and giving me such a hassle.

    Miss Tootsie got all spiffied up today at the beauty salon so that she will be her prettiest when we leave for Florida. We will be staying in Kissimmee. We got our tickets, a new carrier for Tootsie, and we can't wait to get there.

    Does She Devil go the beauty salon or do you tend to her bathing and hair care? She always looks so lovely. No wonder the boys are going wild for her!!

    You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.