Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dashboard Decor

One of the largest areas is the hardest to access - so that has become the location of our fun stuff.  At least while we are not moving.

There is the wooden bear Left Brain brought back from Alaska for me that says Welcome or Go Away.  This could come in handy someday to convey the proper messages.
Then there is the glass cottage Beth created for me and it acts as a beautiful night light to add a colorful glow to the room and kindle fond memories of the maker.

The center area of the dash lifts up and is used as Left Brain's "desk" of sorts.  The one on my side slides forward to reveal a similar desk area for my crap.  It is interesting to learn that if a portly cat lands on this side and it's not latched tight it becomes a kitty surfboard as it glides forward and deposits the cat on the chair.  I keep it tightly secured now.  Not that it isn't fun to watch the surfer cat in action, but I don't want my glass cottage broken.

The gingko theme flag was also a gift from Beth and I have it hung on the side cabinet where there is a nice glow as the setting sun shines through it.  I love the way my stick puppet matches, so she has been added to that area. 
 Everything will need to be removed during transit, but it's nice while sitting for a month or two to enjoy the comforts of home.

Even though this is not technically dashboard decor, it's in the vicinity...but then what isn't?  The reading lights for the front two seats that swivel around to become part of the living room are now adorned with Left Brain's hats and double as a hat stand. 

I haven't found a really good use yet for the narrow cabinets near both the drivers and passengers door.  But I'll think of something!

Long Live the Dashboard Queen

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  1. Your dashboard decor is quite nice. I would have loved to watch She Devil doing her surfboard thing. She is truly an amazing kitty. I love the hat. We used to have a hat just like that. It brings back nice memories. You have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.