Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Almost done

What we thought was just a casual visit with the realtor ended up being the beginning of the end.  We signed papers and authorized him as POA since neither of us would be available on Friday for the closing.

Now there is an urgency to rid the house of the last few things.  There's one last load of laundry to collect before I start my new life of hoarding quarters and hauling dirty stuff to laundry mats.  Then there's the bed to take down for my son.  We'll finish up with one last walk through to make sure we haven't left anything vital.

Tuesday morning we had breakfast with the Dahlby's to catch up with them on their full-timing experiences and learn from their journey.  Then Left Brain and Larry Boy worked on the electrical problems in the motor home and got those fixed.  They removed the old TV from the bedroom and now it's ready for the new little flatscreen we have.

We are researching Dish TV for future use as Left Brain will want to watch sports in the fall and winter.  And since he can do that laying in the bedroom and I can be out here doing other things - life is looking good.

Yesterday I drove around with my van full of treasures and dispersed them in many places to various people.  Day by day it's getting closer and closer to the start of our new life.

I'm attempting to hang my utensil bar and magnetic stripe for knives on the mirrors in the kitchen with command tape.  So far nothings crashed to the ground, so maybe it's working.  You can't just put in a nail or screw in a motor home and I have a love/hate affair with all the mirrors in here.

The mirrors are nice for bouncing the light and keeping things bright and cheerful, even on a gray rainy day like the ones we've been experiencing.  But, just how much does one need to see their own reflection?  I'm becoming paranoid by always having that fat old lady watching my every mood.  And the full length mirror at on the closet at the end of the bed....seriously?  Do I really want to see all of me that close up and personal first thing in the morning?  Oh well, maybe it will encourage me to watch my calorie intake and walk more to improve the view.

So far the biggest obstacle is turning on the furnace.  It works fine and makes it toasty, but She Devil is not enamoured with the sounds it makes.  On the plus side that does keep her in the bedroom and I get more done.  Maybe now would be a good time to try the new $27 vacuum cleaner I bought since she's already in hiding.  We've been in here for a week now and it's needing some cleaning.  Sigh.  I thought that would end with out new life but apparently not.

Long Live the Queen of Fulltime Living

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  1. I can't believe it! It was only a couple of months ago when you two decided on a new life, and now here it is already. Having never vacationed or lived in a camper or RV, I have learned so much from you about this different way of living. I don't know if I could do it, I have claustrophobia. But it sounds so exciting. I wish you both a fabulous journey. Hugs, Edna B.

    p.s. I'll have to give that full length mirror idea a try. That just might help with losing some pounds.